Diet Pill Popping Problems

It is amazing what lengths we go to in order to arrive at the “perfect body” faithfully portrayed for us by magazines, movies, advertising, and the fashion industry. Most women have no idea what “normal” looks like for their own bodies — they are too busy trying to recreate themselves in the image of someone they saw in the media.

It Really Is Substance Abuse

We often associate substance abuse with narcotics such as heroine, cocaine, or amphetamines. However, substance abuse appears in other forms as well. Laxatives, diuretics and diet pills all rank in the list of items to which people can become addicted and end up abusing. Since the pressure to look thin is so intense, both men and women often seek their answers in diet pills. The advertising makes the pills look fast, easy, and harmless. However, the reality is that they can be addicting, and have dangerous side effects which can adversely affect the body of anyone taking them.

How They Work

Many, if not all, diet pills work through appetite suppression. This causes a decrease in the amount of calories ingested, which in turn means a slow-down in metabolism. While there is an initial reaction of weight loss, the fact is that the metabolism has to be functioning at a faster rate in order for weight loss to be successful.

Ma Huang – Otherwise Known As Ephedra

Many diet pills contain a substance that has been banned in the US. The herb ma huang is used to produce ephedra, a very powerful stimulant that is used in many diet pills. While the substance is banned, many people still purchase products made with ephedra online. Excessive use of this potent stimulant can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, seizures, heart attacks, tremors, hypertension and even death in some cases.

Vitamin Deficiency, Mood Swings And Insomnia

Since some diet pills work as fat blockers, a person using this type of pill may quickly become deficient in important vitamins and minerals. The barrier that is put up to prohibit fat absorption also blocks important nutrients from being absorbed by the body, resulting in leg cramps, fatigue and muscle soreness. These same super pills can also cause bouts of emotional instability. Mood swings, irritability, and depression are but a few of the results of chemical imbalances caused by diet pills. Add to all of the above insomnia as a result of caffeine or other energy-boosting ingredients and you have a perfect recipe for problems. Insomnia can, and often does, lead to the inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and problems in relationships.

Are You Addicted?

Diet pills are every bit as addictive as illicit drugs and those pills that are stimulant-based are shown to have a higher incidence of addiction when abused than other types of diet pills. If it is really necessary they be used, then it is vitally important the amount of time they are ingested be regulated and honored. Overuse can easily create a dependency that may result in serious physical and emotional repercussions.

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