The Thread Lift

Less Invasive

Maybe you’ve thought about having a facelift, but that seems to be somehow too drastic a procedure. Or maybe you’ve already had a facelift, but you need some tightening up. If this sounds like you, you may be ready to have the facelift procedure known as the thread lift. This cosmetic procedure, also known as a contour thread facelift, is much less invasive than a regular facelift and has the added benefit of immediate results, a brief recovery period, and no visible scarring.

The main benefits of the thread lift are that it gives you better definition in your jaw line and allows for the repositioning of your cheeks and jowls.

Bit of a Tweak?

A thread lift works best in younger patients who are just starting to lose the elasticity of their skin. The thread lift is also suited to those who may have had a regular face lift in the past and need a bit of a tweak with a small tuck in those areas that are just beginning to sag again.

The thread lift is perfect for those who should avoid general anesthesia, for instance smokers, or those with high-risk medical conditions. Some people find it preferable to avoid general anesthesia, and for this reason, the procedure suits them well, too.

Men really like this procedure, since it allows them the chance to have a facelift without ugly scarring. This can be a major issue for men, since baldness or receding hairlines don’t allow for the possibility of a “comb over” for a scar resulting from cosmetic surgery. Men are perhaps even more concerned than women that cosmetic surgery be as natural looking as possible, since they may be concerned that having cosmetic surgery will be deemed by their peers as somehow less than manly.

Of course, the thread lift isn’t suitable for every patient. For the most natural looking results, you’ll want to find a doctor who only accepts suitable candidates for this type of procedure. Ask around for the name of a good surgeon, and then go in for a consultation.

In this minimally invasive technique, the surgeon weaves little barbs into the outer layers of the skin to give a gentle lift to the upper neck, cheeks, and jowls. You will see an immediate, uplifting effect, which will become permanent within a week or two as the facial tissues settle and heal into their new positions.

The surgery can be performed under a local anesthetic or with mild sedation. Talk about these options with your surgeon so you can make an informed choice. A thread lift takes about an hour to perform.

Patients find that any post-procedure pain is well controlled with over the counter pain medication. There may be some swelling and bruising, though much less than is associated with a traditional facelift. You’ll be able to return to your regular routine within a week or so.

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