Seeking: Wide-Hipped Women

Bodacious Booties

Current fashion suggests the resurgence—if you’ll excuse the pun—of popular response to, er, large-butted women. We need only to think of J. Lo or Beyonce to realize that big buttocks are in with a vengeance. The magazines are filled with razor thin models who on turning sideways, tend to disappear, yet men are not shy about outing their preference for a bodacious booty.

Evolutionary Instinct

Now scientific researchers Steven Gaulin and William Lassek have found that male attraction to curvaceous women might have its roots in evolutionary instinct. Lassek and Gaulin discovered that a woman’s hip to waist ratio determine their children’s IQs. As it turns out, curvier women birth kids possessed of superlative cognitive abilities. As Lassek sees things, “Men respond because it’s reproductively important.

The source of those attractive curves is Omega-3 fatty acids, which exist in abundance in oily fish and comprise a full 60% of the makeup of the human brain. Beginning in adolescence, a woman’s hips and thighs begin to store these very same fats, which are held in reserve to be metabolized during a woman’s third trimester of pregnancy and the period of lactation. These are peak times for the development of an infant’s brain.

Meantime, sexologist John Money calls this male preference for curves the human love map. Money believes that the brain develops both a template of what causes arousal as well as the brain circuitry necessary to power the arousal response. In simpler terms, the brain knows long before its owner falls in love which female body type will arouse his interest.

Of course, variety is the spice of life and what’s attractive to one male may turn off another. Some people find a uniform attractive, while others get hot when they see a small-breasted woman. For others, it may be large capable hands that do the trick, or a tinkling laugh. One can still point to a few opinions that share wide approval regarding which features will bring on feelings of passion and romance and which features will leave a man cold.

Both women and men like clean partners with good complexions. And, in most geographical locations, men are drawn to zaftig women with wide-hips. All in all, it’s not hard to see the genetic programming behind that which makes a man fall in love with a woman who can bear his healthy children—or why men prefer J. Lo’s perky backside to that thin and starving super model.

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