Treating Infertility With Reflexology

More and more women are claiming that reflexology has helped them with conception and solving problems related to infertility. This applies to not only the woman but also in some cases her partner. Infertility is an extremely complex problem and in many cases, a kick start is all that the system needs – reflexology can provide this naturally.

Effects of Reflexology

The way that reflexology works is based on the premise that the mind and the whole body goes into a state of calm and all the bodily systems (digestive, immune, hormones, nervous, reproductive, etc.) are strengthened through a reflexology session. This helps the patient nurture the self and relax, thereby boosting the chances of conception. Reflexology also plays a key role in helping one cope with stress on top of helping the body to maintain the balanced state necessary to lead to increased chances of conceiving

Treatment Approach

Reflexology is said to aid in the achievement of optimal health overall.  This helps the body believe that it is capable of the creation of a new life. The patient can expect that following the plan will help the body to develop and build itself in favor of conception. The timeframe of this treatment plan is generally eight to ten visits or a period of approximately 3 to 4 weeks. The ideal treatment plan consists of:

Balancing of the Endocrine System: As part of the sessions, all the reflex points are worked out. These are the feet, ears and hands which link up to the endocrine system. Stimulation of these parts helps in the hormonal balance of the endocrine system.

Relieving of Stress: When a woman decides she wants to have a baby the pressure is on. Even though having a baby is a joyous event, women can’t help but get a little carried away and even stressed out when trying to conceive. In some cases, women can stress to the point of suffering from depression and anxiety as they work to try to get pregnant. Not only can this lead to serious health problems but it can also cause a variety of neurochemical changes which can interfere with the proper release of hormones. This can result in the inhibition of the release and maturation of the eggs if not put under control.

Treatment of the Spine: The reflex points on the hands, feet and ears which are linked to the spine and related spinal nerves tend to have a great impact on the whole reproductive area.

Pelvic, Psoas Region: A certain degree of tightness in and around the Psoas can often be overlooked. It is also one of the usually neglected causes of a variety of pelvic problems which are known to lead up to infertility.

Stimulation of the Immune System: Reflexing the lymphatic system through the usage of Lymph Drainage Therapy is used in the encouraging and stimulation of healthy mucous membranes.

Detoxify the Large Intestine and Liver: Using reflexology to stimulate various areas of the liver and digestive system through the relevant points on the hand, ears and feet is an important part of the process for your overall wellbeing.


When it comes to reflexology as well as other forms of treatment for infertility, it’s always suggested that both the partners be treated so as to ensure that the most perfect environment for conception is achieved. It does take two to tango after all.

As of today, the reflexology plan as described has worked well with a number of patients. It may be worth considering before turning to other conventional and often expensive treatment options.

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