Tips for Natural Fertility

by Staff

There are certainly many factors that can lead to fertility issues.  Sometimes, people will need to seek medical assistance and treatment.  Before reaching this point, however, there are many natural fertility methods that are available to couples to try to promote fertility on their own.  Here are just a few of the many suggestions that are available for natural fertility.

Pregnancy Positions and Behavior

The way that you are intimate can help to increase or decrease your fertility and your chances of conception.  The missionary position has long been encouraged as the best position for conception.  Since it works with gravity, it allows the sperm to be brought closer to the egg.  In addition, both the spooning position and doggie style are said to be helpful.  After being intimate, the woman should stay where she is for 15 to 20 minutes without moving.  Relax during this time and enjoy your time together.  Don’t use lubricants while trying to get pregnant, as they can get in the way of the sperm and its efficacy.


This treatment method is said to help to naturally enhance fertility.  During this ancient medical practice, sterilized needles are placed on specific pressure points on the body.  The main benefit for women who want to conceive is enhanced relaxation.  Many women will do acupuncture while undergoing IVF treatments as a way to aid in relaxation.  A study was done by the Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center in Colorado in 2004 that found that 36% of women who only did IVF became pregnant while 51% of the women who combined IVF with acupuncture were able to conceive.

Fertility Yoga

There is a type of yoga specifically designed to cater to couples having fertility problems.  It combines the regular principles of yoga with specific positions designed to increase reproductive health.  In addition, it certainly has the benefits of creating relaxation, flexibility and an added bond between the couple.


Hydrotherapy can be used as a natural fertility method, as it increases circulation, reduces stress and helps with digestion.  Infertility often causes stress and depression in couples, and these reactions can negatively influence a woman’s chances of conceiving.  Hydrotherapy tries to counteract these difficulties and to make the body more receptive to conception.

These are a few of the many techniques that offer natural solutions for conception. The most important things when trying to conceive are to reduce stress, to enjoy your intimate time together, and to keep a positive attitude.  These techniques will help to create the right environment, and the right state of mind, to welcome conception into your life.


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