Postpartum, the time after you have giving birth, can be a time of unlimited joy and happiness and also a time of difficulty and distress.  For many women it is a wonderful and delightful time as they have just brought a new baby into the world.  For other women, as they struggle with their raging and unbalanced hormones and their sore and battered bodies, it is a time of confusion, dysfunction and even depression.

Post Partum Conditions

Many women will develop postpartum depression within one year after giving birth.  While doctors aren’t exactly sure why this condition occurs, some believe that women who develop depression during their pregnancy will greatly increase their risk of developing postpartum depression after birth.  Learn more about this condition and about what you can do to prevent or treat this condition so that you can feel good and celebrate the birth of your new baby.

Don’t panic because it’s natural: all pregnant women will experience some type of postpartum bleeding in the weeks following birth.  Find out more about what you can expect from your body after delivery so that you can best be both physically and mentally prepared for what your body will throw at you.

Do you feel guilty that you feel sort of down even though you just became a new mom?  Well don’t.  Did you know that as much as 80% of new mothers will experience the “baby blues,” a mild form of depression, within four days of your child’s birth?  Fear not, this condition usually disappears within two weeks of its appearance.  If symptoms continue to persist consult you doctor as you may be suffering from postpartum depression.

Should You Breastfeed?

Is breast really best when it comes to feeding your baby? Decide for yourself with our article on breastfeeding.  Also, did you know that women who breastfeed their babies may also benefit from a form of natural birth control provided by the chemicals released by your body when breastfeeding. This type of birth control is known as the lactational amenorrhea method. Learn more about this type of natural family planning in Contraceptive Benefits of Breastfeeding.

 How To Potty Train

Before you know it, your infant will reach the toddler stage. One of the most important developmental milestones during the toddler years is potty training. Learn about signs of potty training readiness in your child and find helpful tips on potty training, in this informative potty training advice article.

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