Nutrients and Vitamins

Has It Become Just Too Complicated?

Is the supermarket becoming a confusing journey as you wander down the aisles seeing product after product promoting the inclusion of different vitamins, minerals and herbs? Have you heard about the dangers of hidden ingredients in your regular food items or of the hazards of cloned food? Have you become afraid of your regular food staples and are no longer sure about what you are really eating? Do you try reading food labels looking for supplement ingredients but aren’t sure what the package is telling you?& Are you puzzled by the differences between regular product labels and organic food labels? You know nutrients and vitamins are important and that you should be getting certain amounts of each of them, but have you ever bothered to find out what your body really needs and how to get it?

Nutrients and vitamins are usually derived from the food you eat and are the elements from your food that provides your body with the ingredients it needs to function properly. Now is the time to learn more about these important elements and find out if your body is getting what it needs.  Welcome to our sub section on Nutrients and Vitamins where you can learn everything you need to know about what you should be eating, what you shouldn’t be eating, and how to tell the difference.

Nutrients, Vitamins And Herbs

Are you unsure about which nutrients your body should be receiving and are wondering if you should be taking a multivitamin?  Have you heard good things about the benefits of vegetarian diets and about getting enough Omega 3 but don’t know how to make these healthy changes? Should you be adding herbs like Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root), St. John’s Wart, and Ginseng to your diet but aren’t sure how to use herbs safely? Have you heard that you can naturally stop hair loss with the use of saw palmetto, deal with weight loss with the essence of the flower Hoodia, and take care of your heart with resveratrols derived from red wine? Have you noticed all of the new yogurts flooding the market trying to convince you that their product is best due to the inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics? Are you curious as to why these things are good for you?

Find out what all of these herbs and supplements are about by reading here and learn how you can better understand how to read about the ingredients in your food. Discover what you should be adding to your diet so that you can have the healthiest tomorrow possible.

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