Miscarriage And Still Birth


The loss of a pregnancy can be the most devastating event ever to occur in a woman’s life.  The excitement and joy over discovering your were pregnant has now given way to utter despair and devastation.  Many women begin to ask the question why?  Why did this happen?  Was it something I did?  What does this mean for my chances of having children again in the future?  Is there anything I can do to prevent this terrible tragedy from ever happening again?  Put an end to the miscarriage myths and get the facts about pregnancy loss.

For most women, part of the grieving process is seeking answers to these many questions.  Many of these women will be relieved to discover that miscarriage is a natural and frequent occurrence and that it was not their fault.  In fact, most women will at one time in their life experience a miscarriage.  In addition to knowing this information, women can also find solace in the fact that although this particular pregnancy did not survive to full term they can, and most likely will, go on to have many future healthy full term pregnancies.  Check out our article on pregnant after a miscarriage for more information.

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Still Birth

Still birth is another crushing occurrence that many women experience.  These women are not only told the devastating news that their baby has died in the womb, they then have to go through the traumatic process of giving birth to their lifeless child.  With what words can these women be comforted?  Take a look at our article on support after a still birth to get the help you need.

In our sub section on Miscarriages and Still Birth you can find out more about why some pregnancies go wrong and why these terrible things occur.  You can also learn more about what this means for your future pregnancies and try and take comfort in the understanding of why this happened.  Check out our article on still birth risk factors for more information.

Coping With Miscarriages And Still Births

Don’t torture yourself with the “why” a minute longer.  Find out the reasons for miscarriages and still births and help yourself recovery from this traumatic experience by reading about how to cope after a miscarriage and pregnancy loss.  Also, comfort yourself by knowing that many women have experienced similar losses and have gone on to have perfectly healthy and successful pregnancies. Also find out how men handle pregnancy loss in our article on men and miscarriage.

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