Menstrual Products

Deciding which menstrual product to use during your period can be a confusing task.  Today there are so many choices on the market; how can you know which is best for you and your lifestyle.  At our sub section on Menstrual Products you can learn more about the many varying types of menstrual products so that you can make an informed decision about which product is best for dealing with your period.  You can also receive information about alternative menstrual products that are safe for the environment and about natural treatments for menstrual cramps.  Also, learn everything you need to know about toxic shock syndrome and find out how you can avoid getting this potentially dangerous condition from your menstrual product.

Types of Products

Should you use tampons or pads?  Read here about the pros and cons of these most common menstrual products and decide which product is right for you.  However, if you are concerned about the chemicals in pads and tampons or about protecting the environment, you should know about the many choices for alternative menstrual products including a menstrual cup, reusable menstrual pads and natural sea sponges.

Natural Menstrual Relief

Another area of the menstrual market that is becoming increasing popularity among women is alternative menstrual relief.  Such treatments include the use of herbs and vitamins in order to deal with menstruation problems, such as irregular menstruation, as well as common menstrual symptoms, like cramps.  Find out if one of these natural treatments can help you.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

Did you know that your menstrual product, if not used properly, can make you sick?  It’s important that all women, especially teens, read up on toxic shock syndrome and learn more about the potential danger this condition may cause them.  Although rare, you should know the symptoms of TSS as it can be very serious. Women affected by menorrhagia are at an increased risk of developing TSS and should find out how they can avoid contracting this serious condition.

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