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Is your pregnancy almost at an end but you are not sure when exactly to expect your new baby?  Are you beginning to panic that you can’t get organized and properly prepare for your new arrival without the knowledge of when you should begin expecting?

Have you begun to worry because your due date is near and you have no idea what to expect from labor and delivery?  Are people asking you about your ‘birth plan’ but you have no idea what they are talking about?  You ask, ‘Don’t you just feel some pain, push, and become a new mother? Has your doctor informed you that you might have to deliver via cesarean section but you are concerned because you don’t know what this procedure will entail?

Do you wake up at night in a sweat worried that you won’t be able to handle the pain of labor?  You know you will need some sort of pain relief but aren’t sure about your options and how they will affect your baby.

Stop worrying.  The best way to ease all of these concerns is by learning as much as you can about your labor and birthing process.  The more you know the less you will fear the unknown.  You will also feel more prepared to handle the process you are about to undergo and you will be more equipped to make the necessary decisions to have a safe and comfortable delivery.  Welcome to our sub section on Labor and Birth where you can get the answers to all of your questions like when is your baby due, how to create a birth plan, how will I know if I am in labor, what if I need a cesarean section, and what labor medication should I use?


Trying to predict your pregnancy due date can be a complicated matter.  Learn how you can more accurately know when to expect the birth of your child by using a due date calculator.  Also, find out how you can track and record your baby’s fetal heart beat using an at home fetal Doppler.

Labor and Delivery

Creating a birth plan can reduce the stress you might feel when it finally comes time to bring your baby into the world.  Read more about how to recognize the signs of labor, what to expect from labor and delivery, and what will occur if you need to deliver via cesarean section.

Also discover what to anticipate with the birth presentation and preterm labor and find out more about labor medications.

The more you prepare yourself and know what to expect the less apprehension you will have about giving birth and instead you will be able to replace that fear and uncertainty with the feelings of joy and excitement over what lies ahead.

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