Know Yourself

Careful Analysis

Part of any beauty regimen should be a careful analysis of your own special, raw material. That’s the best way to know how to improve your health and looks. A good start is to see which body category you fit into best. There are three body type categories: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.


What’s good for the goose may be bad for the gander. Women want to be tall and thin like models, but male ectomorphs can find it hard to gain weight and strength. Ectomorphs are thin. They tend to have a lean line, with a small-boned stature, no bosom to speak of, and narrow shoulders. Ectomorphs have super-fast metabolisms leading them to a life-long struggle to gain weight and put on muscle mass.


Just the opposite of the ectomorph, endomorphs struggle all their lives to lose weight. Endomorphs are soft and round. They are short-limbed, with smallish hands and feet. Endomorphs tend to be larger on top. They may have fat upper arms and large thighs, but slim lower arms and legs. Some scientists believe that endomorphs have an increase in the number of fat cells they carry which gives them a higher ratio of fat to muscle than most other people. Endomorphs tend to be large-boned with large waists.

Endomorphs have slow metabolisms and gain weight at the drop of a hat. The lucky part is that if endomorphs decide to exercise, they build muscle with ease. Endomorphs need to be strict about diet and exercise. The best regimen for endomorphs? Eat meals low in carbohydrates and fats, and exercise on most days of the week in order to keep fit.


This body is the best of both worlds—mesomorphs have no trouble gaining muscle and losing fat. If they pay modest attention to low fat, high protein diet, that is. Most athletes are mesomorphs. You can see it in their excellent physiques, good posture, and healthy skin. Male mesomorphs are square in shape, while female mesomorphs tend to have a classic hourglass figure. Mesomorphs are large-boned and tend to be good at bodybuilding. They are strong, with hard bodies and a well-defined musculature.

Best Possible You

The upshot? There’s no use praying to be a mesomorph. If you were born an endomorph, accept that you will most likely be in a life-long struggle to look decent and stay at a healthy weight. Work with what you were given to be the best possible you!

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