HPV and Hepatitis B

You have just been to the doctor and received devastating news.  You have an STD and it is not curable.   Find out about two very common STDs, HPV and Hepatitis B, that as of yet have no permanent treatment.  Find out what this means for you, your health and your sexual activity and find out more about what you can do to control the symptoms and effects of these two STDs.  This is our sub section on HPV and Hepatitis B where you can get all of the answers to your questions about these two incurable STDs.  Also, find out ways to protect yourself if you do not yet have HPV or Hepatitis B and learn more about what you can do to prevent yourself from contracting these two STDs.

HPV Or The Human Papilloma Virus

The human papilloma virus, which often presents itself through the appearance of genital warts and through a negative pap smear, is thought to be one of the main causes of cervical cancer.  In addition, this STD has also been linked with other types of cancers of the female reproductive system.  While HPV can be treated to reduce the signs and symptoms, there is currently no cure for this virus.  Find out more about this STD and about how you can prevent this STD, through early detection and treatment, from developing into any form of reproductive cancer.   However, if you have not yet been diagnosed with HPV then find out more about the HPV Vaccine that has recently been developed to prevent the HPV infection.  Learn more about how you can protect yourself against this incurable STD.

Hepatitis B

Although there is no cure for those already infected, there is now a Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine available to prevent the spread of this infection.  Learn more about this new vaccine and find out if it can help protect you against contracting Hepatitis B.  However, you may have already contracted Hepatitis B and do not know it.  This is because many Hepatitis B carriers are asymptomatic. However, those who do suffer from Hepatitis B symptoms may have many unpleasant discomforts.  Find out more about how you can know if you have Hepatitis B.

Even though there is a possibility that the infection will clear up on its own, some people suffer from chronic infections and outbreaks of Hepatitis B for many years.  Don’t panic because treatment is available for chronic sufferers.  Get all of the information you need to clear up your Hepatitis B outbreak and find out about other types of hepatitis infections that can be passed through sexual contact including Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C.

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