Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with HIV or the AIDS Virus?  Are you scared and confused because you don’t know what this will mean for your future?  How will your body react to this potentially life-threatening virus?  Are there any medications that can keep the virus at bay and prolong your life?  For how long can those infected continue to live a healthy life?  Who is most at risk for contracting HIV?  How did you possibly manage to become infected?

HIV/AIDs is the most serious and potentially deadly of all sexually transmitted diseases.  Find out more about what this virus is and about what you can do to protect yourself from contracting HIV/AIDS.  If you think you are at risk but are not sure if you have HIV/AIDS, then find out more about how you can get tested and begin treatment.  If you are already infected, find out about new medical advancements and medications that can keep you healthy for longer and prolong your life.   Welcome to our sub section on HIV/AIDS where you can get the answers to all of your questions about the most dangerous of all STDs.

Medical Treatments For HIV

One STD that many people are worried about getting is HIV.  While new ways of treating this infection can significantly prolong an infected person’s life, for far too many people this infection eventually progresses to AIDS and, ultimately, death.  More than 40 million people worldwide are infected with the HIV virus; women account for 50% of those infected.   Find out more about this dangerous virus.

For example, did you know that the only way to protect yourself from contracting HIV is to always use a latex condom during sex, even during oral sex? Except for abstaining from sex, there is no other way to protect yourself from this potentially deadly STD.

Who Is At Higher Risk For Contracting STDs

Recently, studies have found a link between the use of hormonal birth control and HIV.  In the US, African Americans and Hispanic Americans account for a disproportionate number of HIV cases.   Read now and discover why.  Also, like with the contraction of all STDs, anyone not having safe and protected sex is at higher risk.  Learn more about how you can prevent becoming infected by this and other STDs.  Always use a latex condom during any sexual encounter.

Do I Have HIV/AIDS  And Can I Protect Myself?

Many people may not realize they are infected, as the HIV virus is often asymptomatic for the first few years. HIV testing is the only sure way to know if you are infected.  However, you can take steps to help prevent infection.  Find out about a new method that could prevent an HIV infection in women using the cervical cap and microbicides.  Also, always get tested after sex with each new partner to make sure you are uninfected before having sex with someone new.  And insist that any new partner you choose to sleep with also gets tested regularly.

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