Birth Control Methods to Avoid

What Not To Do To Prevent Pregnancy

There are numerous ways for a couple to avoid pregnancy. Some are extremely effective, like abstinence or the birth control pill while others, like the withdrawal method are only somewhat effective.

Many women are under the mistaken impression that using a vaginal douche immediately after vaginal sex will help prevent a pregnancy. In actuality, douching may push sperm deeper into the uterus, thereby encouraging a pregnancy. Vaginal douches should never be used as a method of birth control. Regularly using a douche has been associated with an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease as well as ectopic pregnancy. Moreover, since the female reproductive system naturally cleanses itself, there is no need to douche for personal hygiene.

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No Birth Control
There are many reasons why a woman who is sexually active may choose not to use contraception although they are not actively seeking to become pregnant. It could be for personal convictions, religious belief or for medical considerations. In other instances, a woman may be under the false impression that using birth control doesn’t matter she still won’t get pregnant.

Not using any contraception has the highest rate of pregnancy, with 85% of women who choose not to use birth control becoming pregnant annually. Even if you have given the matter a lot of thought and have decided that using contraceptives is not for you, you must be open to the idea of having children. While you may not have dozens and dozens of children, it is important that you and your partner understand that you may very well become pregnant when you choose to not use birth control.

Other Ineffective Methods
Some other birth control options that are unlikely to work include:

  • Improvised condoms: Always buy your condoms in a store or from a reputable online store and throw them out once they have passed their expiration date. Never try to fashion one yourself out of plastic wrap, cloth or some other material.
  • Sitting up after intercourse: During ejaculation, millions of sperm are propelled into your vagina. Once inside, sperm instantly start swimming towards your uterus. Although some may fallout if you stand up after sex, many will have already made their way far enough inside of you to stay put.
  • Having the male take a hot bath beforehand: A hot bath will have no effect on a man’s ability to produce sperm.

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