When Your Birth Control Fails

No matter how accurately and consistently you use your contraception, there is always a chance that it could fail and result in an unplanned pregnancy. If you find yourself in this situation, do you know what to do?

When you and your partner are considering becoming sexually involved, it is important to discuss what would happen if an unplanned pregnancy were to occur. How would he feel? How would he react? How would you feel and what would you want to do? These are all questions that you need to consider beforehand.

Not only will this knowledge help you in the future but it will also give you some insight as to the state of your relationship. If your partner doesn’t care to discuss the issue or to hear about your concerns, then he may not be ready for the intimacy and emotional involvement that a sexual relationship brings.

Also, don’t forget to discuss with your partner what type of birth control methods you should use. Regardless of what method you choose, remember that every contraceptive method fails at some point, even with perfect use. For example, out of 100 diaphragm users, 63 women will become pregnant at least once over five years of use. If you absolutely must avoid an unplanned pregnancy, then your best method of birth control is abstinence.

I’m Pregnant – Now What?
You’ve missed your period and taken a pregnancy test only to discover that, yes, you are pregnant. So what do you do?

For some women, one choice may be an abortion. Before you decide on this option, though, be sure to discuss the issue with your partner and/or a trained counselor. Also, consider you own views on this option. If this goes against your personal or religious beliefs, or if you feel that you are being pressured into the decision, you may come to regret having an abortion later on.

Deciding to continue the pregnancy means choosing between raising the child yourself or choosing adoption. No matter which choice you make, it is important to receive proper prenatal care as soon as possible. This means eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarettes as well as raw meat and unpasteurized products.

Other items you’ll want to avoid include kitty litter (it may house the infection toxoplasmosis which can seriously harm your baby), hot tubs, saunas and exposure to illnesses and sexually transmitted diseases. Finally, be aware of the signs of an ectopic pregnancy, which include severe abdominal pain on one side and vaginal bleeding. This type of pregnancy can be fatal if you do not receive immediate medical attention.

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