Family Planning and New Birth Control Methods

Deciding about sex, whether to have it, and when to have it, can be a confusing process.  You may begin to think about your religious upbringing and begin to question whether your decision coincides with your religious beliefs.  You may also wonder about how birth control is perceived by your religion.  Is your religious institution for or against certain types of birth control and how will this impact your choice, if at all.

Welcome to our sub section on Family Planning and New Birth Control Methods.  Here you can get the answers to your questions about your religion and sex and your religion and birth control.  You can also read about all of the new technological innovations in birth control and find out more about the many new types of birth control currently being introduced to the market.  Many of these new methods are less invasive or problematic then previous types of birth control.  Learn more and decide if one of these new methods is right for you.

Religion And Family Planning

For many people, their choices surrounding family planning revolve around their religious beliefs.  But do all religions have the same viewpoint when it comes to procreation as well as sex both inside and outside marriage?  Here we look at common religions, including Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam, and their values when it comes to sex, birth control, and abortion.  Find out if your decisions matches those of your religion’s and discover what to do to reconcile your views on family planning with that of your higher power’s.

New Types Of Birth Control

As modern technology continues to advance, the science of contraception advances as well.  Read about natural family planning and how you can cause or prevent pregnancy without the use of hormones and drugs.  If you are looking for a natural way to plan or prevent pregnancy, consider fertility monitors, which are small computers widely used in Europe to predict when it is safe to have sex, without any birth control drugs or devices, or to predict when it is time to conceive.  If you are looking for something more traditional, new birth control pills are also always in the works and other new methods are currently under development.  Find out if one of these new developments is right for you.

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