Emergency Contraception

What Can You Do If Your Birth Control Fails?

What should you do if your birth control method fails?  Is it too late or are there any emergency measures you can take to protect yourself against pregnancy?  How can you prevent such a situation from happening?  Are there some types of birth control that are more foolproof than others?  If so then how can you find out more about these more reliable methods?

Welcome to our sub section on Emergency Contraception where you can learn what you need to know about emergency contraception and what to do if your method of birth control fails.  Also find out more about the different types of birth control and discover which ones you can count on the most.

Compare Birth Control For The Most Reliable Method

Not every birth control method works the same and some methods have been proven to be more effective than others for preventing pregnancy. One way you can make sure that you are using the most reliable method possible is by comparing the effectiveness of the different varieties of birth control, and educate yourself about effective and ineffective methods of birth control.  One example of an ineffective method is withdrawal (the pull-out method).  This method can not be completely relied on for protection against pregnancy.  Learn more about this ineffective birth control and find out if there are other methods you should also avoid.

Find Out More About Emergency Contraception

Every woman fears that one day her birth control method will fail.  For many, this fear has becomea reality.  Find out what you should do if your reliable contraception fails and learn some important facts about hormone-based emergency contraceptives.  Even if your birth control fails you, it is not to late too prevent yourself from becoming pregnant.  Read now and find out what you can do to prevent pregnancy even without the security of your birth control.

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