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Eating Disorders and Mental Health

by Staff

Eating Disorders Affect Mental and Physical Health

Although overlooked and neglected, your mental health is just as important for maintaining a long and healthy life as is your physical health.  In fact, many mental disorders, such as eating disorders, can actually greatly affect your physical health and even lead to premature death.  Eating disorders are diseases that begin in the mind and then through their effects, cause serious, sometimes permanent, and potentially deadly effects to the body.  Dealing with eating disorders not only helps to improve your mental health, it can also save your physical being.

Eating Disorders Are Serious Diseases

Eating disorders are types of mental health issues that may appear to only be physical health issues on the surface.  In particular, eating disorders are often regarded as strictly an issue that affects the body, not the mind.  Yet, it is in the mind that these disorders begin.  Learn more about common eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder and find out what you can to first, recognize that you have a problem, and, second, begin getting help for your disorder.  If not treated, these eating disorders can lead to serious illnesses, organ failure, infertility, and death.

Eating Disorders And Pregnancy

Eating disorders during pregnancy can greatly affect the health of both you and your baby and can increase your chances for miscarriage.  Pregnant women need to consume a certian number of calories per day in order to have a healthy pregnancy and to allow their unborn child enough nutrients to grow.  Discover how an eating disorder in pregnancy can affect both you and your baby and learn what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy. Our article on Body Image During Pregnancy can also give you some insight as to how your attitude towards your body can change over the course of those important nine months.  This is one of the few times in life where gaining weight is essential–it is needed to ensure the survival of your baby.

Your Body Image And Your Mood

Find out how body dysmorphic disorder can have a devastating effect on your body image and mental health and discover how seriously diet can affect your mood.  Most importantly, realize that all of these disorders can lead to serious physical issues and a life of chronic health problems.  Read now and learn how you can improve your mental health and your quality of life today.  Also find out how to get the help you need so you can start living the healthy life you deserve.


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