Chin Up

Precious few people in the world are born with a perfect face – at least such seems to be the opinion of many who choose cosmetic or plastic surgery to change their faces or other body features.

Rhinoplasty Plus

Rhinoplasty, the name given to surgery specific to the nose, can and sometimes is coupled with chin augmentation surgery in order to give a person the face they’ve always wanted. In order to achieve balanced harmony, often the best way is through surgery. A weak, receding or not well defined chin out of balance with the rest of the face can be changed with chin augmentation surgery, making it more prominent.

Chin Augmentation Techniques

The technique most commonly used to perform chin augmentation is mentoplasty, an implant over the natural chin. Genioplasty or sliding genioplasty, known as a chin advancement procedure, is considered an alternative to mentoplasty. In genioplasty a portion of the jawbone which has been separated from under the teeth is moved forward creating a more pronounced chin without an implant. Using metal screws and plates, the bone is affixed in the new position. Conversely, a too-prominent chin can be altered using the same method, only removing part of the bone and moving the jaw backward instead of forward.


Should the surgery decision be mentoplasty, your surgeon can perform the implant in one of two different ways, either with an intraoral incision, made in the mouth between the lower lip and the teeth, or by a submental incision which is made underneath the chin. The implant is then either sewn or screwed into place or left unattached and held in place with bandages until it heals. Either of these methods is used for genioplasty as well.

It’s All About Balance

Many people find that chin augmentation is not the only surgery they need in order to bring the face into balance. Chin implant surgery is often done along with rhinoplasty and liposuction under the chin or cheek implant surgery. The same principle works for those who seek rhinoplasty. They may find that a nose job isn’t the bottom line and that in order to achieve the balanced face chin surgery is necessary. Choosing a good cosmetic surgeon who will examine your facial structure and determine which procedures are best to achieve your desires is of fundamental importance. You can first check out the different facial liposuction costs in your area before undergoing any procedure.

Make Sure You’ve Got The Bases Covered

Chin augmentation is relatively minor but it is important to remember that it is still surgery. As with any type of cosmetic surgery, your state of health has an effect. Good overall health and freedom from any type of active or chronic disease such as uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease are necessary considerations before undergoing surgery.

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