Your Body

Are you worried about cellulite? Are you thinking about breast augmentation? Have stretch marks made you embarrassed to show skin? Welcome to our Body section which has all you need to know about how to love your body and make it the best it can be.

Taking Care of Your Body

Self-esteem is the sexiest accessory for any woman. If you feel good about yourself and are confident about your body then others will look upon you positively. Find out how to learn to love your body in our Loving Yourself section and begin projecting your new found confidence.

At our cellulite page, you can find out the causes of this unsightly bumpy skin and discover how you can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also learn how thalassotherapy spa treatments can help reduce cellulite and maintain healthy skin.

Have you just had a child and are worried about those new stretch marks? Are you afraid that they will never go away and that you will never feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit at the beach again? Find the answers to all your questions about how to treat and diminish the appearance of these unwanted lines at our page on Stretch Marks.

Another bothersome situation that may arise with pregnancy and the birth of a baby is varicose veins. In this section, we give you some great information on the subject.

At Home Beauty

Do you love the results of day spa treatments but don’t want to shell out a lot of cash in order to get them? Our at home spa treatments provides easy, inexpensive at home spa treatments, including a facial, manicure and pedicure that’ll be sure to keep you looking fresh and beautiful. And check out our new guide on eco-friendly beauty products that claim to be better for the environment as well as your health.

Body Image

Body image is a strange thing. We take so much away from what we see on movies and on the net. One of the hindrances to self-acceptance seems to be the fact that we haven’t yet made peace with the body we’ve been given. Each of us is unique and our shape comes from our genetics – although it can be molded and changed somewhat with diet and exercise. However, the basic form is a gift from heaven and when we can embrace our natural body shape; we have a good starting place. Read about Body Image and learn about your Body Type and how to Work with Your Body Type in this section.

While it can sometimes stem from a simple desire to be more beautiful, body dysmorphic disorder is a serious condition that can not only affect a woman’s body image, but also her physical and mental health. Learn more about how this disorder can affect your self-image and your mental well being.

Body Improvements

Are you unhappy about your body shape and are thinking of a breast augmentation? Evaluate the benefits and risks at Breast Augmentation right here and find out if this procedure is right for you. If you really don’t want to have surgery, then learn what the stars do when they want to tuck things in or fill things out in our Celebrity Tips article.

Often a very small adjustment can make a very big difference in the way we look. By simply standing up tall, we look more confident and seem to shed excess pounds. It’s all in the way we stand. Read more about good posture and the benefits to your mind and body in our two articles Posture Perfect and Posture Adjustment.

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