Healthy Choices for Fertility Control

Your Guide to Better Birth Control, Conscientious Contraception, and Sensible Sexuality

by Dr. M. T. Williams

Birth control can be fabulous when couples are well-informed and using a method that is right for them. But most methods are not easy to use and many doctors fail to warn patients about the potential side effects and health risks of common contraceptives. This book contains all the facts that your sex ed teacher didn’t know and doctor won’t tell you.

Did you know…?

  • Spermicide can INCREASE your risk of contracting HIV
  • The contraceptive sponge is USELESS for women who have had children
  • The Depo-Provera birth control shot causes a LOSS OF BONE density in teens
  • Birth control pills can cause a PERMANENT LOSS OF SEX DRIVE in women
  • Oral contraceptives increase your risk of BREAST CANCER
  • The average woman will have TWO UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES in her lifetime
  • Nursing moms on birth control pills are FEEDING THEIR BABIES STERIODS
  • Condoms DO NOT provide good protection against HPV, the leading cause of cervical cancer
  • There are THREE new methods of natural birth control that the pharmaceutical industry does NOT want you to know about
  • Female sterilization causes a FIVE-FOLD increase in the need for a hysterectomy

These and other important facts inside the excellent book Healthy Choices for Fertility Control.

Healthy Choices for Fertility Control

Why a Book About Birth Control?

This book provides information that every sexually active person needs. It explains the process of ovulation and conception. Read the pros and cons of every US FDA-approved method of birth control. You can find updated sections on the IUD and Depo-provera as well as new information about the contraceptive patch, vaginal ring. Also included is a discussion many new methods available only in Europe and Canada. Read information about abstinence, natural family planning, and methods under development. The book includes annual failure rates for all birth control methods. Learn about responsible decision-making in regards to sexual choices and information for couples should they become pregnant. This book has been endorsed by a distinguished panel of expert consultants.

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