Dealing with Anxiety, Panic, Stress, and Claustrophobia

Good Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health

Although overlooked and neglected by most, mental health is just as important to one’s well being as physical health. It’s been said that there is no health without mental health. Quality of life is strongly tied to a healthy mental state, and without good mental health one’s physical health may also start to deteriorate.   Just as one needs to eat healthy, exercise, and get regular check-ups to maintain a strong physical body, you should also care for your mental health so that you can not only live a long life, but also a happy life.

Anxiety, Panic and Claustrophobia

Anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and claustrophobia can are one of the main causes of poor mental health and greatly affect one’s well-being. Learn the differences between anxiety and panic and find out which anxiety treatments are best for you. There are many effective short term therapies for anxiety related conditions. There are also many natural treatments for anxiety on the market today such as valerian root for anxiety and kava for anxiety.  Read more to see if one of these treatments is right for you, and find out if they can reduce your anxiety so that you can begin to enjoy mental health.

Mental Health Can Also Affect Your Sex Life

One mental health issue that is often embarrassing for a women to discuss, and can great stress and anxiety, is female orgasmic disorder.  While it may be uncomfortable to talk about, the disorder is treatable.  Find out if you may be suffering from this problem and discover what you can do to have an awesome sex life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Mental health problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often have no clear physical symptoms and many of its victims may suffer in silence, for years or a lifetime.  While it is possible to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, people need to recognize that they have a problem that requires help first.  Currently, the best treatment for PTSD is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, although doctors may also augment this with anti-depressant medications. Exposure-based therapies are effective and usually only short-term. So stop bearing the burden of your mental health problems alone and read more about what you can do to start feeling better now.

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