Abusive Relationships

by Staff

Here in our section devoted to Abusive Relationships, we try to give you the tools you need to help you determine if you are in an abusive relationship or a healthy one.   Check out our article entitled: Healthy or Abusive? to help you figure out what kind of relationship you are experiencing.

Spotting Abuse

Learn how to watch for the warning signs of an abusive relationship, they are not always so obvious.  Our article on an abuser’s lies might help you see the signs and diagnose abuse.  Also, there are many different types of abusive relations, both physically abusive relationships and emotionally abusive relationships.  Find out what the differences are.

Types of Abusive Relationships

Get the facts about all different sorts of abusive relationships, like ones between lovers and even ones between family members or friends.  Decide if any of your relationships are unhealthy.  Did you know that verbal abuse is a type of an abusive relationship?  Learn more today.  Also, get some tips on how to leave an abusive relationship.  No one should have to endure abuse.  Gain the confidence you need to leave.

Date Rape

Also get helpful information about date rape, what it is, and about what to do if it happens to you.  This rape is just as horrible as any other kind.  Check out our article on how to keep yourself safe and avoid date rape.  Remember, most rapes are perpetrated by someone the victim knows.  Find out more now.


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