Treating Infertility With Yoga

For those who have infertility problems, yoga can bring in a new ray of hope to your situation. Infertility Yoga’s prime focus is on helping to strengthen the reproductive system through the relaxation of the mind and body. Although usually practiced for the purpose of enhancing well-being and health, the ancient tradition of Yoga which hails from India, can be extremely effective in solving a variety of problems related to infertility and sexuality.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga keeps both the body and mind occupied and calls upon active participation of both. It helps the body to balance itself and in doing so relaxes the mind too. Yoga can provide great benefits especially in cases where there are hormonal imbalances or even blockages in the fallopian tubes. Yoga can assist women in the preparation of both their bodies and minds for various stages of fertility from conception and pregnancy and all the way to childbirth. It is also great for reducing stress which itself can affect your ability to get pregnant.

This form of yoga comprises of a variety of asanas (poses) which prove to be extremely effective for both sexes. Practicing these exercises along with your spouse is also encouraged for emotional and physical reasons. The majority of the asanas are focused on the strengthening of the hips and the pelvis. This is because these are the areas that are often most affected by the tension that arises from the mental and physical stress of everyday life. Such asanas help in the enhancement of blood circulation and in the improvement of hormonal balance—both of which are crucial for healthy fertility.

In this ancient tradition, both posture and breathing complement each other. These are the two prime factors which help in improved relaxation and increased blood circulation. You must breath both slowly and deeply while practicing Yoga. Do try your best to maintain the same rhythm throughout the session. As you are inhaling, your stomach must expand and the opposite must happen as you release. Mentally observe your body as your pattern of breathing normalizes. This helps further relax certain areas which are tensed up.

What Couples Should Keep In Mind

Yoga can seem a little intimidating to both men and women. Yes, some of the poses you may see an instructor get into can look rather complicated but it should definitely not discourage you from giving it a go. Yoga can offer you a natural treatment for infertility so that you can improve your chances of starting a family without having to turn to more invasive and expensive measures. As far as infertility yoga is concerned, it’s quite simple and made to be gentle on the body. Infertility yoga isn’t about becoming the most flexible or acrobatic but rather about helping you get your body to the best state possible so that you can become pregnant.

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