Easy And Natural Yeast Infection Cures

Yeast infections are something that all women will deal with at one point or another—some more than others. They make you itch and burn and can be more than a nuisance to deal with when you’re trying to go about your business which is why finding a cure that works fast is a must. You could always run out to the drugstore for some Monistat, or you could try one of these simple and natural yeast infection cures at home.

Three Easy Cures

These three natural yeast infection cures have been helping women get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms of yeast infections for decades. Give one a try and see how it works for you.

Garlic: It may seem a tad strange but garlic is one of the most used natural remedies for treating yeast infections. All you have to do is peel a fresh clove of garlic, dip it in olive oil or wrap in a piece of gauze and insert it into the vagina like a suppository. Leave it in for a few hours or overnight. You’ll need a panty liner or pad for the discharge that this remedy causes as it works. It has been known to provide instant relief from the itching and irritation. Use daily until your symptoms are gone.

Yogurt: This is another common natural yeast infection cure that you may have already heard of. It’s not just any yogurt but rather the all natural kind that contains live bacteria. The bacteria in this type of yogurt are actually the ‘good bacteria’ that we have in our digestive systems that help keep things like Candida (yeast) from becoming a problem. Ingesting this yogurt will help with yeast infections as will applying it to the affected area. It’s safe enough to be applied to your genitals both on the inside and outside. When you have a yeast infection, applying the cooled yogurt simply using clean fingers will not only help to kill the yeast but it will also give you soothing relief from the symptoms almost immediately.

Acidophilus Supplements: These work the way that the yogurt remedy does because acidophilus is the good bacteria that we spoke of earlier. You can take acidophilus regularly as you would your other vitamins and you can also apply acidophilus powder to the affected area to get some quick relief from the itching and irritation.

Try one of these remedies or all of them and see which works best for you. They are safe and are shown to be effective so you’ve really got nothing to lose!

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