When the Temperature is Low

Normal Changes

Libido is a very individual thing. Some women like to have a lot of sex, while others can do without a great deal of sexual activity. Then, too, it’s normal for the sex drive to change, with highs and lows depending upon your age, stage of your relationship with a lover, and any significant lifestyle changes like surgery, pregnancy, or divorce. The main thing is how you feel about your sex drive. If you think there’s something wrong, that’s worth addressing, since there are techniques, lifestyle changes, and even some medications that may be helpful in increasing a woman’s libido.

Outside Factors

Researchers can’t seem to agree on what exactly constitutes a low sex drive in women. It’s not about how many times you have sex every week, since this can be influenced by many outside factors, for instance, a lack of affection between you and your partner, overwork, or a bad body image. If you have to have a definition, you are considered to have what is known as a hypoactive (lower than normal) sex drive if you never seem to have any interest or desire for sex and this has you worried. By all means, if this sounds familiar, please go have a talk with your physician. Just know that you’re in good company. More than 40% of all women have complained of lowered libido at some time in their lives. The opposite side of the coin is that low sex drive as a persistent problem is only reported by 5-15% of all women.

It’s prudent to remind yourself that if you want sex less often than your partner, this does not mean that your sex drive is lower than normal. It also doesn’t signify any relationship issues. It’s a fact of life, no pun intended, that couples in a sexually active relationship often have different levels of libido. It’s something to be frank about, to discuss, but not at all something to worry about. In fact, your sex drive could be at its lowest ever, while your relationship may be the strongest it’s ever been.

Consider, too, that women are complex and the flowering of sexual desire comes in the wake of many components. Intimacy, good health, a good state of mind, level of experience, lifestyle, and religious beliefs may all play a part in your ability to become a wildcat in bed. If just one issue feels unresolved, this might make all the difference in the world. The bottom line is that you have nothing to worry about unless you’re worried, and if you are, do yourself a favor and talk it over with your doctor.

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