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Enjoying Pregnancy

by Staff

The Beginning Stages of Pregnancy

When you first found out you were pregnant it may have been a bit hard to grasp. Aside from perhaps feeling queasy at certain times of the day, and a missed period, nothing really seemed too different. Then you began feeling really tired, got up several times through the night to run to the bathroom and probably felt a bit puffy. Otherwise, being pregnant was still something that you might not have totally grasped. You could still fasten your pants and everything pretty much looked the same-except maybe you were beginning to resemble Dolly Parton around the chest. Nice touch.

Take Time To Reflect on Pregnancy

Usually, by the end of the first trimester your bodily changes tend more towards awkward than glowing (which is what “they” say you are when you’re pregnant). You may feel you are no longer in control of your body and, since you still can’t feel that little life inside you thrashing around, it may be difficult to be thrilled about everything that is happening.

This is where you get to take some time out to focus on what an incredible body you have and how miraculous it is to be pregnant. In the dark warmth of your body, a microscopic meeting took place between your egg and your partner’s sperm, a meeting that will produce a living human being in a very short space of time. How can that be? Your baby will have attributes of the both of you, perhaps your eyes and his mouth, or your toes and his legs.

The Pregnancy Changes Keep Growing

By the time your second trimester rolls around, your baby can hear and recognize your voice and the voices of others who are consistently around. Your baby is safe inside the protected environment provided by your miraculous body. The care you give to yourself filters down to the baby as your body provides nourishment for the baby to grow. What an incredible body you have! Best of all, your baby knows you love him or her and can feel that as well. Movements are easy to discern and the reality of someone growing inside of you becomes more and more real all of the time.

Think about the wonder of it all. A totally self-contained human being is growing inside of you, gaining strength and nourishment from your provision. Nobody else can be this baby’s mother. Nobody else can give this baby what you give him or her. This is your baby growing inside of your body-a separate person yet totally attached. Pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?

Embrace The Moment, Pregnancy Passes Quickly

So, the next time you look in the mirror and want to complain about feeling like a beached whale, remember the miracle of what is going on inside that round belly. You are a brilliantly built incubator for new life and before long that new person will be in your arms and your belly will eventually return to the way it was before you became pregnant.

Embrace these moments and enjoy them. There’s nothing on the planet to compare with the experience of pregnancy and birth.


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