Getting Started In Fitness

Any Time Of Year Is A Good Time

It really doesn’t matter much which season of the year it is, there always seems to be a call to fitness. In the fall we’re getting ready for the holiday season and of course, wanting to look lovely on New Year’s Eve. Then, the New Year starts and about 90 percent of the population decide to “just do it” and get that excess weight off. By spring the grim realization that the weight is still stuck to certain parts of the body pushes people off the couch and into the gym to get ready for summer. It’s a merry-go-round of broken promises and procrastination.

At the end of the day, even though people know it is good to exercise and they can even give you at least five reasons why they should, it seems that getting started and staying with it are two of the most difficult things to accomplish for most individuals. How does someone get past the gate into full swing and stay there?

The “C” Word Is Where It All Begins

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “consistency pill” you can take which will make you stick with it, but there are some things to consider which may be beneficial in helping you achieve your goal of a healthier lifestyle. Let’s start with commitment. Ah, that “c” word. Yes, that is where it all begins. Once you’ve made the decision to take the first step-begin immediately. The point at which you decide to begin a fitness program is the point at which you are most enthusiastic about it. Don’t squash the excitement; use it to propel yourself forward.

Set Goals And Write Them Down

The use of a journal is brilliant. Research has shown that people who actually write their goals down reach them. So, get yourself a great looking journal and a new pen, open to the first page, date it and write down your goals. Just saying “to lose weight and tone up” isn’t enough. The rules say that goals must be definable, quantitative and achievable. That means that you have to really think about what you want to achieve and define a reasonable time in which to achieve those goals. Losing 25 pounds in a month is not realistic. Losing eight pounds in a month is more like it. Choose goals and time frames that allow you to succeed. Goals help you stay focused.

Get The Help You Need

Once the goals are defined you’ll need to find the best way for you to achieve them. If you can make an appointment with a fitness professional, it is the best one-on-one way to get there. If the cost of a personal trainer is out of reach, there are excellent sites on the internet which feature on-line personal trainers. Spending some time consulting this way with a trainer can help you achieve your goals and open the door to connecting with professionals who can answer your personal questions as well.

These steps are just the very beginning of getting started with a fitness program. There are many components in a fitness regimen. However, if you don’t get started you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits and rewards of living a healthy lifestyle.

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