Pregnancy Crisis: Questions to Ask Potential Adoptive Parents

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for a teenager, particularly if it is an unplanned pregnancy. One of the foremost concerns in cases of teenage pregnancy is weighing the options of parenting, adoption or abortion. Adoption is one path that many teens take because it is a unique opportunity that can provide a variety of benefits that the teen would often not otherwise be able to provide for her child. As such, it is important for pregnant women to ask potential adoptive parents a variety of questions that address important issues so as to choose the best home for their baby.

Interviewing Potential Adoptive Parents
When looking for potential adoptive parents, it is important for a pregnant teen to ask questions that will provide insight into important issues that will affect both the birth parents and their child. Consider asking potential adoptive parents the following questions:

  • why are you interested in adopting?
  • how long have you been married?
  • what makes your marriage successful?
  • what kind of contact would you like to have with the birth mother?
  • what type of relationship do you have with your extended family?
  • how many children do you have/are you planning to have?
  • what future do you see for your adopted child?
  • what is your educational background?
  • what is your occupation?
  • are you both planning to work after adopting?
  • where do you live?
  • are you planning on moving in the future?
  • what are your religious beliefs?
  • how do you handle conflict?
  • what are your views regarding discipline?
  • what makes you good parents?

Your Role as Birth Mother
In addition, it is important to consider what type of role you would like to have as the birth mother. For instance, how much contact would you like to have with the child? What kinds of visiting privileges will you have? Will anyone else share these privileges (i.e. the baby’s father)? Do you want to name the baby? Also, you should take into account how much contact the adoptive parents will have with you during your pregnancy: will the adoptive parents be involved during pregnancy? Will they be present at the baby’s birth?

While these questions can sometimes be difficult to think about, and often require great reflection before a decision can be reached, it is imperative to consider them thoroughly in order to ensure that you are comfortable with the home in which your baby is placed.

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