Sun Damaged Skin

When you go out into the sun, you make sure to put a lot of sunscreen on your face, don’t you? Too much exposure to the sun can result in skin damage and gives you a higher risk of developing skin cancer.
In Victorian times it was fashionable to look “pale and interesting” as only people who worked outdoors were likely to have tans. With our increased leisure having a suntan has become a must have.
The problem is that sun exposure can actually cause skin damage and tanning beds especially can be culprits. Dermatologists call this type of damage clinical photoaging.
In other words too much exposure to the sun ages your skin more than it would age naturally.

So what do you do if you have exposed yourself to too much sun?


If you have mild sunburn first of all cool the area with cold compresses or take a cool shower. You can then apply aloe vera gel, either directly from the plant or use an aloe vera gel you can get in a pharmacy. A few drops of lavender essential oil mixed in almond or other massage oil and applied to your skin will also help soothe your skin and help it to heal. If you have blistering or are dehydrated you may have severe sunburn or sunstroke and should see a doctor straight away.

Long-term damage

People who live in sunny climates are much more susceptible to skin cancers. The best way to avoid this is prevention. Always use a sunscreen of at least SPF15 especially on your face. One of the effects of long term skin damage is a decrease in collagen production which affects the appearance of your skin. Skin overexposed to the sun becomes drier, leathery, and is more likely to develop mottled ‘age spots’ and deep wrinkles.

Topical Treatments

Beauty treatments incorporating retinoids from vitamin A like Retinol-A are scientifically proven to reverse this totally preventable skin damage. Other cosmeceuticals contain peptides and antioxidants like Coenzyme Q 10 which combat the signs of photoaging and help improve your facial appearance. Using a 5% vitamin C skin cream long-term will also help reverse skin damage and Vitamin E is known to repair skin. Tua Viso, one of the latest gadgets on the market, uses micro electricity stimulation to your face to help your skin produce collagen. There is even a brand new high tech bio-electric skin cream to rejuvenate your skin!

Intervention Treatments

Laser treatments and other abrasive procedures like skin peels which actually remove part of the epidermis of the skin can also give you back a more youthful appearance. They are expensive, often painful and you can take a few weeks to fully recover. Botox is well known to help get rid of your wrinkles, but research shows that it may not only affect your ability to express emotions, but also perhaps prevent you from feeling them as well! If the damage to your face is really bad you may want to consider treatments like soft tissue fillers or even in the last resort –a face lift!


However all this damage is preventable.
Stay looking young by preventing unnecessary photoaging of your face by

· Always using a sunscreen of SPF15 or more

· Stay out of the sun during the main part of the day

· Avoid sunbathing and tanning beds

· Use fake tanning lotions that give a sun kissed look

Remember prevention is much better and much cheaper than a cure!

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