Such a Klutz

Deanna Wilson* had given birth to four children. By the time she was TTC (trying to conceive) with her third child, Deanna and her husband didn’t need a home pregnancy test to confirm that she was with child—she dropped and broke Granny’s elegant, bone china soup tureen. The main thing was that no one was hurt, and lucky for Deanna, the tureen was empty at the time. “I was crushed about Granny’s tureen, but thrilled to find out I was pregnant again.”

The fact is that lots of women find that they drop and break things on a regular basis during their pregnancies. While common, you won’t find this pregnancy symptom in most of your baby books. It’s not really a symptom, no matter how real and unpleasant it may seem to you and your partner.

Center of Gravity

The truth is you shouldn’t be surprised to consider that pregnancy comes with gracelessness when you consider the many changes in your body. Your body is carrying more weight than ever, your center of gravity has shifted to your uterus, and your joints have loosened and relaxed due to hormonal changes. This relaxation of the joints and muscles extends to those of your fingers and your toes.

Don’t Worry

The main thing is not to worry too much about these changes. Your grace and balance will come back when the baby arrives. Meantime, however, you’ll want to take some precautions.

Remember: You will need to remind yourself often that you aren’t the graceful being you were before your pregnancy. Your muscle control and your coordination have changed.

Make allowances: You may want to DIY when it comes to your baby’s nursery, but it’s probably not a good idea for you to be climbing on ladders to paint or wallpaper. In fact, it’s probably not even a good idea for you to change the burnt out light bulb over the dining room table. Get some help with these tasks.

Take precautions: Lose the high heels and wear sturdy, comfortable, and stable shoes. Take extra care when the walks are icy and when climbing up and down the stairs. Go slower than usual, and where they are provided, make use of handrails.

If you fall in spite of your precautions, Mother Nature has your fetus in the safest possible environment, but just to be on the safe side, and to calm your fears, have your physician check you out and make sure that every one is right as rain.

*Not her real name

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