What Can Be Causing Your Stomach Issues

Everyone suffers the discomforts of stomach disorders every now and then. From babies to adults, stomach upset periodically gets us even when we seem to be doing everything right. While all stomach upsets are usually referred to the same way—a tummy ache isn’t always a tummy ache! You can have a persistent ache, sharp pain that hits intermittently, a burning feeling, cramps, and a sense of fullness in the belly. Sometimes there’s nausea and vomiting and other times there’s a loss of appetite.

Things That Trigger Stomach Issues

The best way to treat stomach issues in babies, children and adults is to understand what could be causing the discomfort in the first place. Here are some of the common causes of stomach discomfort.

•  Food poisoning is a leading cause of stomach issues. This can be from food that has gone bad or is not well prepared or is perhaps overcooked or undercooked.

•  Allergies or sensitivity to certain foods such as dairy products or some sea foods can cause serious stomach upset for some. Once you’re certain that a particular food is a problem then you need eliminate the food item from your diet.

•  Some medication may prove too harsh for the stomach lining or upset the ph balance in the stomach and even disrupt the digestive process. Taking certain medications with food can help or you can speak to your doctor about alternatives.

•  Indigestion results when too much food and drink is consumed, overburdening the stomach. Excessive amounts of oily foods also put pressure on the digestive system and can cause indigestion pain. For some, the pain can be quite intense. Of course the best way to deal with indigestion is to not overeat. Drinking carbonated mineral water is a great natural way to relieve indigestion that comes from overindulging in food.

•  The acidity of the stomach sometimes increases when certain foods are consumed. This can be more of a problem for some than others. Large quantities of alcohol, strong coffee or other beverages and cigarettes tend to boost the stomach acidity.

•  Ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and other health conditions can cause stomach discomfort that is sometimes severe. Talk to your doctor about treating your disorder so that you can get relief from the symptoms.

•  Poor eating habits can cause stomach disorders. Skipping meals, under-eating and overeating, all subject your digestive system to unnecessary stress. Eating too fast and not chewing your food properly can also trigger stomach upset.

•  Stress can also upset your internal workings and the digestive system sometimes is a casualty.

When To Seek Emergency Care

Sometimes stomach pain can indicate a medical emergency that needs to be treated right away. If you or your child experience severe and persistent pain in the lower right abdomen or around the navel it could indicate appendicitis or in a woman, a ruptured ovarian cyst or even ectopic pregnancy. Pain that is severe or lasts longer than a couple of days needs to looked after immediately.

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