Stand Straight!

A lot of things factor into the attainment of a healthy and attractive body. Diet and exercise are just two of these, but one element that can lead to the achievement of a dream body is often overlooked, though it can have a powerful effect, and that element is posture. Posture works wonders both in projecting a healthy image and toward the achievement of better health, and better health means we look better.

Not a Pretty Sight

Someone who is slumped over looks unhealthy and depressed. You can probably come up with a mental picture of someone you know who is all hunched over. Not a pretty sight, is it? Now think about someone you know who stands straight and tall. They seem slimmer, somehow, and in the pink of health.

Reap Immediate Benefits

And the fact is good posture is good for your health. It helps you breathe and keeps you from the ill effects of gravity placing too much stress on specific parts of the body. The best thing is that while diet and exercise require time and patience to wield their magic, standing upright is the easiest and quickest way to improve your health and appearance!

Here are some tips to help you achieve perfect posture:

*Choose a firm mattress that is not too soft or firm.

*Train yourself never to sleep on your stomach.

*The best position for sleep is on your side, with a pillow placed between your legs and a small, rolled towel placed just at the curve of your neck. If you must sleep on your back, you should place a pillow under your knees.

*As you sit, make an effort to align your shoulders in a vertical line with your hips. Crossing your legs at the thighs causes a misalignment of the body so try crossing your ankles, instead.

*As you sit, attempt to distribute your weight so there’s pressure on both hips.

*The height of your office chair should approximate the length of your lower leg and the width of the seat should exceed the width of your buttocks by two inches to give you the support you need.

*When you stand, draw a mental line and try to align your earlobes to the center of your shoulders and over and in front of the hip joints by about an inch. Hold your shoulders back and down and keep your chin and chest upward as you tuck your waist in a bit.

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