Single Parenting

When you are expecting a baby without a partner.

Is Single Parenting Right for You?

Chances are you never thought of yourself as being a single parent. You might be wondering if single parenting is in your future and how you could possibly handle all of the responsibility that comes with raising a child. Most pregnancy centers offer many services and referral services that can make single parenting a potential option for you.

Can I stay in school if I am pregnant?

Most schools encourage you to continue your studies and may offer alternative programs or time schedules for you to complete your requirements. Even if you have to take a semester or two off, you can finish school.

Where will I live after the baby is born?

It is important for you to think about this before the baby is born. If you cannot afford your own place with a baby, some options to consider include living with your parents, a friend, a relative, or the birth father’s parents, living in a group home for single mothers, or living in public subsidized housing.

How will I take care of my baby?

There are organizations and people available that want to help you have a solid start to raising your child. Support you might be eligible for includes good prenatal medical care, parenting classes, food, clothing and furniture for your baby, and training on life skills such as cooking, creating a budget and managing a household.

I don’t want to be on welfare.

If you are low income, you have other options. You may be eligible for programs which offer you job training, tuition and childcare. Other options include educational grants and loans combined with work to cover your living expenses and childcare. Parenting for anyone, means altering some of your goals and plans, but with determination and support from the right areas, you can successfully reach your personal goals and raise a happy, loving child.

What role will the father have?

A child’s needs are best met when both birth parents work together for the child’s benefit. The birth father does have rights. It depends on the state and jurisdiction. In some areas the birth father has the right to make medical and personal care decisions. In some states, the birth father’s name is not required on the birth certificate.

In all cases, the birth father is legally responsible for providing financial support for your child and most states have child support enforcement agencies if the birth father is unwilling or unable to pay child support. Although, you may not get child support depending on the circumstances, so it is important for you to plan appropriate financial care for your child.

What are grandparent’s rights

The rights of grandparent’s vary by state and jurisdiction. Birth parents are the only ones who legally have rights and responsibilities for the baby. Grandparents can be a wonderful support system. If you have parents who are willing to help you, be open to considering that option.

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