Sex Ed Resources

When it comes to talking to small kids, school children or especially teenagers about sex, many parents feel they could use a little support. Luckily, help is out there, in the form of books, videos, websites and many organizations dedicated to promoting a healthy attitude to sexuality among young people.

The type of resources you use will depend on the message you’re trying to convey, as well as the age and maturity of your child, and any other number of personal factors. Fortunately, in this digital age, you can find almost everything you need on the internet. Remember – when searching for sex education resources online, enter the words “sex education resources” in the search engine – if you search for just “sex” you will come up with very different results!

Your Values

Before you begin your conversation with your child, you may need to educate yourself. When searching for resources and information on the internet, you should first check out the information yourself before showing anything to your child. You don’t want to end up giving him or her something which you later feel is inappropriate.

If you prefer shape your child’s sex education within the framework of your religious beliefs, it may be a good idea to look for advice on websites that promote the values you believe in. Further advice could be gained by talking to other parents of your faith or with the leader of your religious community.


Educational books on sex are available for children of all ages and can be ordered online. For young children, these books are often illustrated and less explicit. For teenagers, more detailed books with more factual diagrams are available. Teenage fiction dealing with the issues of puberty and sex may be enjoyable and educational for your teen. Again, it may be a good idea for you to read these books before giving them to your child.


There are a great many websites aimed at supporting parents and children when it comes to sex education.

If you’re looking for straightforward medical facts about sex or contraception for your teenager to read for himself, try the sex education materials on the sites of respected medical institutions such as the British NHS or the Mayo Clinic in the US.

If you want to share experiences or ask for advice from other parents, try one of the many organizations on the web providing advice forums, chatrooms and plenty of tips for Moms and Dads, as well as research on sex education. Some of these websites have video clips explaining, for example, why the use of condoms is so essential. Again, watch or read everything you find before giving it to your child.

Teacher’s Resources

Many sex education resources on the web are directed primarily at teachers providing sex education in schools. But there’s no reason why some of these resources may not be useful for you too, even if just to get an idea of how you should explain things. Teacher’s resources often include diagrams, videos and information about different forms of contraception.

Keep It Relaxed

Whatever you decide to do and whatever resources you choose, be careful not to overload your child with more information than he or she can handle. It can be hard to find the balance between saying too little and saying too much, but in general, answering your child’s questions as and when they come up is a good place to start.

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