Seven Day PMS Plan

Debilitating Symptoms

The National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome (NAPS) has calculated that up to 97% of all women in Britain suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But NAPS has developed a 7 day PMS plan that should make coping with PMS symptoms a great deal easier. The diet may not eliminate the debilitating symptoms, but it can go a long way toward reducing symptoms that keep women out of the workforce and affect their ability to work.  What follows is a sampling of meal plans based on the NAPS Seven Day Plan which includes 3 daily meals plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Seven Day Plan

*Day 1

Breakfast—Two hard boiled eggs, preferably enriched with omega-3, toast, fruit juice

Midmorning Snack—1 apple

Lunch—Any oily fish, such as tuna, salad

Mid-afternoon Snack—One small handful of almonds/or/ dried apricots

Dinner—Stir fry made with lean meat such as chicken breast or pork and red peppers.

*Day 2

Breakfast—Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat prepared with water, milk, or soy milk, and chopped strawberries or dried apricots, fruit juice

Midmorning Snack—One pear with one cheese stick

Lunch—Carrot soup seasoned with coriander, one slice wholegrain bread

Mid-afternoon Snack—One carton of yogurt, made from milk or soy


Dinner—Vegetarian or low-fat turkey hot dogs, one medium sweet potato baked or prepared in the microwave, peas

*Day 3

Breakfast—Unsweetened muesli mixed with yogurt and berries, fruit juice

Midmorning Snack—One handful of grapes

Lunch—Shrimp salad

Mid-afternoon Snack—One slice of Edam cheese, one oat cake

Dinner—Creamed Asparagus Chicken

70% Chocolate

*Day 4

Breakfast—Toast spread with peanut butter, fruit juice

Midmorning Snack—Three squares 70% chocolate

Lunch—Avocado salad dressed with Caesar-style dressing

Mid-afternoon Snack—One peach

Dinner—Roast fish with coriander and mushrooms

*Day 5

Breakfast—Fruit smoothie made with milk or soy milk and any fruits you like

Midmorning Snack—Carrot sticks with mayonnaise-based dip or hummus

Wholegrain Bread

Lunch—Tomato and basil soup, wholegrain bread

Mid-Afternoon Snack—One handful pistachio nuts

Dinner—Turkey steaks seasoned with tarragon

*Day 6

Breakfast—Eggs scrambled with smoked salmon or chopped, grilled bacon, whole grain toast

Midmorning Snack—One handful of peanuts

Reduced Sugar

Lunch—Fish sticks or poached eggs, baked beans (reduced sugar)

Mid-afternoon Snack—One handful of cherries

Dinner—Pasta with zucchini and ricotta cheese

*Day 7

Sugar Free


Midmorning Snack—Sugar-free yogurt

Lunch—Celery soup

Mid-afternoon Snack—Two oat cakes spread with low-fat cream cheese

Dinner—Fresh tuna rubbed with garlic

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