I Need A Nose Job

Front and
center, and in some cases far from center, on everybody’s face you will find a
nose. They come in myriad shapes and
sizes and for some people, the shape and size just isn’t working for them. Today changing the appearance of a nose
is no problem at all. Rhinoplasty – or a
nose job – is the surgery performed to reshape or reform a person’s nose and in
turn, redesign their face.

Form and Function

While most
rhinoplasties are done for cosmetic purposes, to improve or change looks, it
can also include procedures to enhance function. A procedure called setoplasty is done to
address breathing problems which are caused by blockage of some sort. This surgery reshapes the septum, the wall
of bone and cartilage found between the nostrils. A crooked septum can result in breathing
problems as well as a crooked nose, so the surgery covers both medical and
cosmetic aspects. Reconstructive rhinoplasty
may also be necessary in the case of a trauma to the nose, a birth defect or

A tiplasty
is exactly what its name implies, the reshaping of the tip of the nose and this
surgery only involves the cartilage. Rhinoplasty,
septoplasty and tiplasty can all be performed at the same time should all three
procedures be necessary. In 2006 there
were more than 300,000 rhinoplasty surgeries in the US which backs up the claim
that having a nose job is a popular thing.

What The Doctor Does

The nose is
quite a complex structure which consists of bone and cartilage and is lined
with mucosa – a membrane of the same nature as that which is found in the
mouth. The tip and the lower part of the
nose consist of flexible and rubbery cartilage and the rest of the nose is
bone. The most common place for an
unattractive lump or bump is at the joining point of the cartilage and
bone. When rhinoplasty is performed, the
doctor may actually break the bones of the nose and reshape the cartilage.

The Afterglow

The net effect
of a nose job is amazing. The impact
upon self esteem and self confidence has been noted in psychological studies
time and again. While external cosmetic
surgery can change and improve the physical appearance, it cannot correct
serious emotional or mental problems.
During a bout of depression or being in an emotionally fragile state is not the
time to have cosmetic surgery. Deal with the
inside issues first, then proceed with the outside.

Take Your Time

Ethnic groups have specific structural propensities and therefore a good
surgeon who understands your specific needs is a must. Discuss the details of the results you want
to achieve in great detail with your surgeon before the surgery. Look at before and after pictures and decide
on a reshaping that will enhance your facial features, achieving harmony with
your other attributes.

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