Continuing Education

Life Goes On

Life after menopause can be anything but dull. With so much of life’s demands fulfilled, there can be more time to spend doing the things you really want to do. For some women, especially those who left school early to start a family, heading back to the classroom is where it’s at. Even though going to, or returning to college can be somewhat intimidating, it is also a very exciting prospect – and one many post-menopausal women are embracing.

Older People on College Campuses

Today’s college campuses have a large smattering of older people on them, with many classes boasting several mature students. Even though senior students have a different social experience on campus, not being fresh out of high school nor having many friends at school, they nevertheless are welcomed by the student body. Actually, older students can have a special place on campus and can be rather popular. It has everything to do with their personality and willingness to join into discussions and events. Professors, instructors and staff tend to be older people themselves, so it is easy to find a peer to chat with as well.

Online Learning

On the other hand, going back to school – in the actual physical sense – can be a very daunting thing. That’s where online education comes in. It is much less intimidating than being physically present on a campus and the age factor is removed. An online learning environment means that age and other surface factors are not prohibitive in terms of participation and feeling comfortable. Forums provide an opportunity to interface with other students and teachers and the older student can take whatever time she needs to formulate and express thoughts and participate as much as she likes without fear of being drowned out by younger, more boisterous students.

Another advantage to online education is that it tends to be less expensive in terms of tuition than most private and community schools. No commute and excellent availabilit

y online of course material are other positive factors that make online education attractive to older students. Older students are also eligible for the same financial aid that traditional students apply for and scholarships are often dedicated to nontraditional learners as well.

Online courses are guided by experienced instructors who know how to teach in an online environment and feature that same coursework that would be available when pursuing an in-person education. Students even have access to the university’s support programs, such as financial aid advisors, career planners, academic advisors and the library’s resources, making it easier to complete your required work.

Why Go Back to School?

Why would a post-menopausal woman want to go back to school? Often the reasons include the desire to achieve a life-long goal. Perhaps she left school before she completed her degree in order to take a great job or marry and have a family. Women who are post-menopausal today are part of the baby boomer generation, those babies born between 1946 and 1964. Life was a lot different in those days and many young women didn’t finish their education – or didn’t even begin a post-secondary education. So, returning to school to get that degree has a lot of richness attached to it.

Another reason women who are post-menopausal go back to school is simply to enrich their lives. Learning has a way of keeping the brain supple and youthful. By continuing to educate herself, she is gaining perspectives and information that was not there before. How exciting it is to be able to share with children and grandchildren the things being learned – from both perspectives. The myriad life experiences, when added to the mix make the education exceptional.

Some women decide that taking some courses in things they’d like to try opens the door for new connections with people. Travel may ensue, a job experience that wouldn’t have happened any other way, or meeting a special person who could change her life are all there for the post-menopausal woman who decides to further her education – either on campus or in the comfort of her own home.

Even though going to, or returning to college can be somewhat intimidating, it is also a very exciting prospect – and one many post-menopausal women are embracing.

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