Mother Dearest


Perhaps the most intriguing and challenging relationship on the planet is that of mother and daughter. Why? There are so many factors affecting this type of relationship that the “why” of it all can be lost in the data. Women are peculiar beings. Ask any man. Women are emotional, intense, protective, possessive, liberated, locked-in, and so many other adjectives that it would make a person’s head spin. Nevertheless, they are women, and a woman-to-woman relationship is something to behold.

There is an undeniable and special connection between mothers and daughters. When a baby girl is born, a woman feels something for her that transcends comprehension. She knows inherently that she has found a soul mate. Yet, as this little female person grows, the natural evidence may be to the contrary. Females are strong, to be sure. There seems to be no middle ground with mothers and daughters. It is either intense love or intense anger and hatred.

The Talking Connection

Since women tend to be communicative beings, it is usually easy for mothers and daughters to talk about most of life’s issues through the years. When a girl is little, she can tell her Mommy about her best friend, her worst day at school, and her dreams. When she gets older, they shop together and talk about things that make them both laugh. When she becomes a teen, they will either be drawn close together over deep subjects like boys, sex, and careers-or they’ll become adversaries. One is as likely to happen as the other is. Suddenly, the woman who raised, nurtured, understood, and stood by at all times becomes arch enemy number one-especially if she thinks the boy her daughter is dating is unsuitable.

An Interruption In Transmission Is Possible

As time goes on, little girls grow past their teen years and into adulthood. They live on their own, make their own lives, fall in love and marry. Mother takes on a completely new role. She’s the friend again-not the foe. Then sometimes something happens between the daughter’s “I Do” and settling into a new life. A mother may be considered a threat to the husband and the daughter must take the side of the one she has married. Mother is enemy number one-again. Once the son-in-law is won over, then things can truly settle down. The mother is invited into the world of her daughter’s “becoming” and can often fit nicely.

And, Finally A Reconnect

When children come along, Mother again becomes the fountain of wisdom that pours forth information and help when it is needed. She also becomes “prime babysitter.” After all, who better to care for the grandchildren than the one who knows everything about raising children? Didn’t she do an amazing job of raising her own daughter?

There are so many things that affect a relationship, and when the relationship is between Mother and Daughter, then the energy, emotions, and intensity increases greatly. Yet, at the end of it all, there is no other relationship as close or endearing as that of Mother and Daughter.

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