Pregnancy Help Portal

Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines

Pregnant? Think you might be?

No matter what your age, nationality, race, religion, or culture we’re here to help. If you are facing a possible unplanned pregnancy, you can contact someone online. A caring counselor will respond to your message via e-mail as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Click on a link in your area, below. We care!

Telephone Hotlines for Pregnancy Help

Need to talk to someone now? Call any of these 24 Hour Hotlines:

Optionline / CareNet

Birthright International

National Life Center

America’s Crisis Pregnancy Helpline

Bethany Christian Services
1-800-Bethany or 1-800-238-4269

Nationwide Crisis Pregnancy Help

The following centers can be contacted online for pregnancy help:

Or visit Heartbeat Internatonal’s Worldwide Directory of Pregnancy Centers to find help near you.

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