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An Inside Look At Powher Supplement: What I’ve Discovered Personally!

Since you are here, I think it’s safe to assume that you have already heard about Powher, a women’s pre-workout supplement. The formula, while offering ...

by Arie Jansen

An Inside Look At Powher Supplement: What I’ve Discovered Personally!

Since you are here, I think it’s safe to assume that you have already heard about Powher, a women’s pre-workout supplement. The formula, while offering energy and endurance support, also claims to reduce factors like fatigue and tiredness that slow down your performance during exercise. But isn’t that every other per-workout supplement offer? So is there something that makes Powher better than the rest? If so, what are they? These are the questions that led me to do extensive research on the supplement including its potential benefits and pros and cons, and finally into writing this Powher review. 

Powher Reviews: Is It Suitable And Safe For Women Of All Ages?

The research I conducted was not just book-oriented but rather I referred to real-world lab tests that could help me understand everything regarding the formula first hand. Powher, as a formula that is specifically developed as women’s health support, has managed to hold an important place among the fitness-driven female population. This rapidly growing popularity is another reason why it needs to be analyzed more closely and as soon as possible. 

 As part of my research, I also went through a few other Powher reviews, none of which had all the details I needed. But in a way, those turned out helpful since I got to know about their personal experiences and how much of an impact this supplement has had on their lives.

As you move forward, you will learn more about this pre-workout formula, its ingredients list and its properties, its claims and the truth behind them, other necessary information like dosage and potential side effects, and finally, my thoughts on the supplement. Read along!

Powher Review
Name of the SupplementPowher
PurposeWomen’s pre-workout supplement
FormulationLow-stimulant system based on caffeine
Key IngredientsCaffeine, Enxtra, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
Other IngredientsL-tyrosine, Leucine, Oxyjun, Beta Alanine, Folic Acid
Container Weight250g
Scoops per Container25
Daily Serving1 scoop (mixed with water or smoothie)
Duration of Supply25 days per container
Artificial FlavorsNone
TasteDelicious without aftertaste
Target AudienceWomen
ClaimsEnergy support, endurance, mental clarity, reduced fatigue
Manufacturing StandardsFDA-registered facility, GMP guidelines
Pricing$45 per bottle
Return Policy90-day money-back guarantee
Side EffectsNo significant side effects were reported
AvailabilityOnly on the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Powher?

Powher is a workout performance enhancer formulated with a low-stimulant system based on caffeine. The manufacturer claims that the formula doesn’t cause jitters, elevated heart rate, or high blood pressure, all of which are expected from caffeine. To override these issues, they have combined caffeine with Enxtra, an innovative compound that cancels out the side effects of the former while enhancing its benefits.

The Powher women health formula comes in the form of 25 scoops in a single container weighing 250g, with one container supply lasting for 25 days. Although the formula has no artificial flavors, it tastes delicious but without an aftertaste that might be off-putting for some individuals. 

Powher is formulated specifically for women catering to their fitness needs. The formulation selectively includes folic acid and relatively lower levels of caffeine that help regulate the hormone levels without getting out of hand. The energy support supplement puts forth a set of claims that we will verify later with the data gathered from different sources.

How Does Powher Work?

Powher, a supplement that offers energy and endurance support centers its function on the effects of caffeine which is known for its complementary effects as a pre-workout drink. The supplement has three other key ingredients that complement the health benefits of caffeine while canceling out its side effects, creating a balance.

Caffeine works by stimulating the nervous system to improve circulation which directly impacts your workout performance. It also improves reaction time while reducing fatigue and tiredness. Extra amplifies these effects for prolonged hours as it brings back the heart rate and blood pressure back to normal. Both of them together also work to improve alertness and mental clarity which is an asset during workout sessions.

Vitamin B6 contributes to this cause by boosting protein and carbohydrate metabolism and stimulating the manufacturing of amino acids. This reduces muscle fatigue while aiding in muscle building. Vitamin B12, the fourth key ingredient, increases endurance by delivering Oxygen to the muscle cells and taking part in energy metabolism in the body. 

Apart from the fitness-related benefits, these Powher ingredients exhibit properties that could be beneficial in other ways. Caffeine along with Enxtra enhances cognitive abilities like focus and reaction time. Anyway, let’s talk about these benefits in detail in a later section. For now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of Powher. 

Pros & Cons Of Powher Supplement

When it comes to pre-workout supplements, you can’t trust every formula out there, especially considering there are plenty. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of Powher dietary supplement here to find out whether it is one of the supplements you can trust.

  • Low stimulant specially developed for women
  • Added natural flavor
  • Formula developed by expert dieticians
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility
  • Manufacturing process in accordance with GMP guidelines
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Not available for purchase on Amazon or similar platforms
  • Individual experiences may vary

Powher Ingredient Analysis

Powher is formulated with a specific number of essential ingredients, out of which four are the key ingredients that carry out the major functions of the supplement. None of these are individually tested in our labs but are safe for human use, as per various clinical trials. 

  • Caffeine: An article discussing the pros and cons of drinking coffee before the workout session, published on MedicalNewsToday, states that caffeine has the ability to improve physical performance as a pre-workout drink. The compound stimulates the nervous system, reduces fatigue, improves reaction time, and even enhances cognitive function in the right proportions.
  • Enxtra: Considering the novelty of this ingredient, it seems as if there are not a lot of scientific studies or research results available in this regard. However, based on what I could find out about Enxtra, it is a compound that amplifies the effects of caffeine by extending it up to 5 hours. The ingredient comes from the ginger family Alpinia galanga and has been found to increase alertness and focus while stabilizing heart rate and blood pressure. 
  • Vitamin B12: Another variant of Vitamin B, B12, as per the Healthline article, impacts energy metabolism which is directly linked to boosting muscle endurance during workouts. It helps with the delivery of Oxygen to the muscles while you exercise by assisting in DNA synthesis. 
  • Vitamin B6: The National Library of Medicine has a study published on the website describing the impact of Vitamin B6 drinks pre-workout. The vitamin helps in protein metabolism, carbohydrate utilization, and amino acid manufacturing in the body. It also controls hormone production, reduces fatigue, strengthens the immune system, helps in building muscles, and improves performance. 
Powher Ingredients

L-tyrosine, Leucine, Oxyjun, Beta Alanine, and Folic Acid constitute the rest of the list, with all of them enhancing the properties of the key Powher ingredients. Now, let’s see how to use the formula properly. 

How To Use Powher?

If you are already familiar with pre-workout formulas, you will have an understanding of how to take them in the right way. Similar to the rest of them, Powher is a pre-workout powder that needs to be mixed into a drink to consume. You can take a scoop of the formula, add it to a glass of water, and drink it 30 to 30 minutes prior to your workout session. For an added benefit, you can mix the powder in a smoothie, taking in the nutrients and minerals from fruits and green that you used to make the drink. 

Claims vs Facts

Powher healthy drink makes a whole set of claims associated with improved performance and endurance during workout sessions. Let’s see if they are mere claims or whether they have any truth. 

  • Claim: Improves exercise performance

Fact: Caffeine, when paired with innovative blends like Enxtra and the vitamin complex, improves a woman’s exercise performance. You would be able to manage more of what you are already doing, with reduced risk of injury and muscle spasms. 

  • Claim: Boosts energy and endurance

Fact: This is associated with increased performance as the formula will boost your energy to the maximum and you will able to exercise for longer hours in full power. Caffeine and vitamin B12 increase endurance, helping you lift and balance more weight than usual, and keeping your heart, circulation, and lungs healthy.

  • Claim: Enhances mental clarity and alertness

Fact: Enxtra, when combined with caffeine, enhances its functions by prolonging the effect of caffeine up to 5 hours. You will be alert and able to complete your tasks without brain fog. As an added benefit, it won’t increase your heart rate or blood pressure beyond optimum levels, which are usually a side effect of caffeine. 

  • Claim: Reduces tiredness and fatigue

Fact: With this Powher formula, you won’t get easily fatigued as usual. Again, caffeine carries out this responsibility with Vitamin B6 and Enxtra, helping you feel refreshed even after long hours of workout. This is also applicable in case of muscle fatigue, as these ingredients will help in Oxygen delivery to the muscles and amino acid manufacturing, reducing the chances of muscle fatigue during workout sessions.

To begin with, none of these claims seemed exaggerated as all of them are expected of a pre-workout supplement. Although not all such formulas deliver on their claims, Powher energy drink has been able to justify all the claims made with accurate explanations.

Powher Manufacturer & Credibility

The Powher manufacturer is also known as Powher, indicating the brand’s mission of developing fitness supplements solely targeting women. They manufacture pre-workout formulas, multivitamin supplements, and supplements for muscle building under the category “cut”. They are self-described experts in female performance nutrition who develop formulas with the help of certified dieticians to deliver actual results. The manufacturer has a long-standing reputation among fitness-oriented women. They follow all the necessary manufacturing standards, and their products are promoted by retailers like BuyGoods, which adds to their credibility.

Does Powher Supplement Help With Weight Loss?

The Powher Pre-Workout supplement is primarily designed to enhance workout performance, boost energy levels, and improve endurance. According to the information available on the archived webpage, Powher contains ingredients such as EnXtra® and natural caffeine, which are known to improve focus, increase energy, and enhance blood flow during exercise.

While the main focus of Powher is not explicitly on weight loss, the increased energy and improved workout performance can indirectly contribute to weight loss. By enhancing your ability to perform more intense and longer workouts, Powher can help you burn more calories, which can support weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Powher Cost & Value

Now, let’s compare Powher with two similar female fitness support supplements that make almost the same claims and are quite popular among fitness enthusiasts. 

ProductPowherBloom NutritionAminolean Pre-workout
Manufacturer PowherBloom NutritionRSP Nutrition
Effectiveness Highly effective. Can experience changes within two weeks of timeEffective. May take up to a month to show proper results.Effective. Could take more than a month to bring noticeable changes. 
CredibilityVery highHigh High 
Price 1 bottle – $45/bottle2 bottles – $90/package3 bottles (+1 bottle) – $135/package1 bottle – $39.98/bottle1 bottle – $25.19/bottle
Return $ Refund90-day money-back guaranteeNon-returnable Non-returnable 

Both Bloom Nutrition and Aminolean are priced lower than Powher. But neither of them has a money-back policy which could be a deal-breaker for a lot of us. Also, Powher seems to be better at delivering results, in less time and with enhanced effectiveness. 

Powher Side Effects & Interaction

As I already mentioned once, not all pre-workout formulas are to be trusted. That is why we went a little deeper looking for any potential side effects while experimenting with Powher pre-workout energy support supplement. To our surprise, we haven’t detected any negative side effects that are usually associated with pre-workout supplements.

Although some of the customers have reported getting headaches on the first use, the cause of such occurrences is yet to be confirmed and hence cannot be concluded as a Powher side effect. As a reminder, avoid taking alcohol with the formula to avoid potentially harmful interactions, as we are not sure about the impact such an interaction could have.

Powher Return Policy

Powher women’s pre-workout supplement features a 90-day return and refund policy that will help secure the money you spend on the formula for 3 months in case you don’t get the expected results. With this policy, you can use the formula for 90 days continuously without worrying about losing your money on a formula that doesn’t benefit you. You can send the Powher bottle back to the manufacturer and they will refund the money back to you in full as soon as they receive the package.

Powher Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Most of the Powher customer reviews are impressed with the quantity of the formula, making happy remarks about how the container was full which is not usually the case with such supplements. They also mention that they haven’t experienced any side effects including nausea, which is also common with fitness formulas. 

“The best pre-workout I have tried. No jitters, no disgusting aftertaste, no nausea..it’s the best. I feel so strong during my workouts after taking Powher!”Joelle H

 “I love taking this product before I work out. I am able to focus really well and get my work done without any distractions which is hard with three kids.” Angie M

“This pre-workout is perfect for a little pick me up without the sting of traditional pre-workout. It also tastes delicious and the containers are reusable for other stuff. And they are actually full containers. This is my second time ordering it and I hope to keep doing so.”Sheila M

Expert Opinion On Powher Supplement

I already asked you not to mix the Powher formula with alcohol, but I would also recommend that you stay away from any kinds of alcoholic drinks if you want to follow a healthy and fit lifestyle. Because no matter how good the supplement you take to enhance your performance and endurance during exercise, alcohol can bring them both down eventually. 

Although we haven’t detected any harmful interactions between the formula and medications of various kinds, it would be a wiser decision to ask your physician in person about taking the pre-workout formula with the medication you are currently on. 

Where We Can Buy Powher?

Unfortunately, Powher, the energy support supplement is not available on platforms including Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. It is solely for sale on the Powher official website in three different packages. While the single-bottle package requires a small shipping fee, the two-bottle package has free shipping in both the UK and the US.

The ultimate Powher package, the one with three bottles and a free bottle features free shipping worldwide. Do not fall for imitations under the same name as they are plenty available on all popular e-commerce sites.

Final Verdict On Powher Reviews

As we conclude this comprehensive Powher review, do you think that you have learned everything you need to know about this supplement? Also, has the information you gathered been of help in any way in making the purchase decision? I hope that it was. So, what exactly have we found out here, until now?

Powher women’s pre-workout supplement from a brand that focuses on women’s health uses a mechanism based on the health benefits of caffeine. The rest of the ingredients including Enxtra, Vitamin B6, and B12, all help caffeine create a low-stimulant system that doesn’t make an individual jittery or cause their heart rate to rise above normal. The supplement also influences other areas like cognitive functions, energy levels, and hormone levels, bringing everything to a normal level.

The supplement is tasty and easy to consume and has followed every industry standard in manufacturing set by respective authorities. The Powher ingredients used are of the highest quality and to ensure the overall quality of the formula, it was created alongside certified dieticians. It also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee that lets you claim a full refund in case the supplement doesn’t work for you.


1. Can I take Powher as a pregnant woman?

Since the formula contains caffeine, I would advise you not to take the formula right now but wait until after birth when it can’t affect the health of your baby.

2. As someone with a lot of allergies, is it safe for me to take Powher?

Powher doesn’t contain a lot of ingredients that could cause allergy. However, if you want to be sure, you should check with your doctor before taking the formula for potential reactions.

3. Can I take Powher with my asthma medication?

To know that for sure, you need to take a bottle of the supplement to your doctor and ask them if the supplement could cause any interactions that could harm your health or life if taken with the medication.

4. What if the formula doesn’t work for me?

In that case, you can claim the refund as per their policy. You have the opportunity to try it for 90 days and after that period, you need to inform the manufacturer about your decision to return the product as it isn’t working for you.

5. How long do I have to wait for the results?

Only a few months. Although you can notice improvements within two weeks, taking the supplement consistently for a period of three or four months will give you lasting results.



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