Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Body Beautiful – Sans Hair

Particularly in the North American and Western cultures, women (and some men) spend both time and money ensuring they are free from unwanted hair on their bodies. Barring medical health concerns, the removal of unwanted hair for sexual, cultural or social reasons has been in practice for centuries. The perception that there is an ideal amount of hair appropriate for each individual, be they male or female, is the motivating factor behind many hair removal practices.

Women tend to look toward permanent hair removal as a means of avoiding weekly shaving or the embarrassing rashes and bumps that temporary hair removal can leave behind. The concept that pubic hair removal increases sexual satisfaction has gained popularity in recent years as well, so the removal of all body hair is not uncommon these days. However, generally speaking, permanent hair removal for women is most sought for the face, armpits, legs and pubic areas.

A Variety of Methods

There are a variety of methods available these days for permanent hair removal and many products on the market to accomplish the feat. Choosing a method for permanent hair remove depends upon the area of the body under consideration and the possible effects the product may have on the user.

We can technically define permanent hair removal as the removal of hair for a period of at least one year. There is only one method of permanent hair removal that meets that criteria at this point which is FDA approved, and that is electrolysis. Laser treatments remove hair permanently, however only a few hairs at a time. So, in effect, it is thinning the hairs until they are all gone, a process called permanent hair reduction. Laser works only on coarse hair where is it contrasted on very light skin. The laser destroys all of the dark pigment and, as a result, the dark hair.

Electrolysis – Different Types

Electrolysis is very safe and has been in use for nearly 100 years. Electricity is used to destroy the hair follicle and consequently halts any future growth of hair. Several different methods of electrolysis are available and many procedures include a combination of two of the procedures to be effective in permanent hair removal. Galvanic electrolysis uses the body as an electrolytic cell wherein at some point in the procedure sodium hydroxide is formed and thus the follicle is destroyed. Thermolysis RF (radio frequency) uses a radio frequency to raise the matrix of the follicle to 48 degrees Celsius, destroying the follicle using heat. The blended method uses both galvanic and thermolysis to remove hair.

Checking with a trained professional will give you the answers you need regarding safety and efficacy of these methods before you have a treatment.

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