Nutritional Supplement For Men

In one quarter of those men who suffer from male factor infertility, the cause cannot be determined. In medicalese, this is known as idiopathic infertility. This term means infertility due to unknown causes. Once this diagnosis has been made, there is no true medical direction for a man to take in his quest to leave offspring. For this reason, many men diagnosed with idiopathic infertility turn to alternative medical treatments for help.

Fertility Booster

Right now, a particular alternative treatment seems to hold a great deal of promise for boosting male fertility. This treatment comes in the form of a lemon-flavored supplement known as ProXeed Plus. ProXeed Plus has two important active ingredients: levocarnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine. Both have met with success for European men over the past 3 decades. Experts in Europe have found that ProXeed Plus boosts both the quantity and quality of sperm. The supplement also includes fruit sugars (fructose) to supply energy, and citric acid, needed by the body to help creat its own energy supply.

Now, the experts at The Jones Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia, which has an affiliation with the Eastern Virginia Medical School, are taking a closer look at ProXeed Plus. This institution is justly famous for having performed the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure inside the U.S.

Energy Source

Levocarnitine not only serves as an energy source, it also assists the movement of fats into the cells of the body. Fat is crucial to sperm which depend on this fuel for motility. Acetyl-L-carnitine is needed to help develop the membranes of the cells. The manufacturers of ProXeed Plus felt confident enough in the integrity of their product to make the claim that the supplement leads to maximum sperm health as it increases sperm counts, motility, speed, and sperm concentration within the semen.

The goal of this product for enhancing male fertility is to provide nutrients to sperm while healing any damage to fertility as a result of oxidation. ProXeed Plus is meant to be used as support for the production of sperm and for helping to bring sperm to maturity. The manufacturers state that results can be observed within 3 months of regular usage.

These aren’t just empty claims. ProXeed Plus was administered to male participants as part of a double-blind placebo-controlled 2004 study. Researchers observed a significant improvement in concentration, structural integrity, and in the motility of the participants’ sperm.

But nothing’s perfect—ProXeed Plus is very pricey at $500 for a six month supply. On the other hand, it’s a great deal less expensive than IVF. If your current treatments don’t seem to be working, you may want to give ProXeed Plus a go.

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