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My Findings And Research On This Neural Excellence Program!

How is your life now? Is it the way you wished it to be? Or do you think there is still room for improvement? I ...

by Ioanis Marku

My Findings And Research On This Neural Excellence Program!

How is your life now? Is it the way you wished it to be? Or do you think there is still room for improvement? I know you do. If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be interested in such a program or this Neural Excellence review that talks about the program. So, what’s your story and from where have you heard about Neural Excellence eBook for the first time? Social media? Friends? Or somewhere I couldn’t guess? First, I’ll tell you about mine. 

Neural Excellence Reviews: Does It Help To Improve Your Memory Power?

I came to know about this program from one of my patients. No, we don’t always discuss random programs or supplements in our consulting sessions, and this was completely unexpected. I have known this person for quite some time, he comes from a middle-class background, and the thing everyone remembers about him was that he was pretty forgetful. Not this time, though. Not only did he mention something from our first session that even I had forgotten, but he came to the clinic in an expensive vehicle. I was joking about him robbing a bank and that’s when he mentioned this program and told me I should try it too. Quite the story, isn’t it?

Naturally, I didn’t believe him. If you were in my shoes, would you have? The bank robbing story would have been a plausible one, but since he didn’t have any cops following him, I decided to check out this program. What have I got to lose sneaking a look?

The claims were pretty big; from cognitive function enhancement and memory enhancement to boosting confidence and amassing wealth in an unbelievably short amount of time, everything got me quite interested. So, here in this review, you will learn more about Neural Excellence DNA Activation, the claimed benefits, and much more along with the truth behind all of them. Interested, yet?

Neural Excellence Review

Neural Excellence Overview 

Take a look at the table below to get a basic understanding of the Neural Excellence e-program before getting into the detailed review. 

Product NameNeural Excellence
Product Description Neural Excellence is a Brain health enhancer program using soundwave technology.
Form Digital product (audio)
Benefits Cognitive enhancement Improved memory and focus
Supports creative skills
Better mental health
Increased confidence levels
Promotes decision-making skills and emotional intelligence
Pricing $37
Bonus The Real Science of Getting Rich
FLEXmind Formula
Attract Your First $1,000,000 Within 90 Days
Availability Official website 

What is Neural Excellence?

So, what exactly is Neural Excellence? Is it merely a few minutes of random audio you are supposed to listen to or does it have any scientific backing? Neural Excellence is basically an e-program targeting brain stimulation, promising improvement of cognitive functions, creativity enhancement, better mental health, overall life success, and much more. 

The program is developed around the concept of “DNA Activation”, influencing and improving the brain and its functions at a genetic level. It is a comprehensive program combining different disciplines of science and alchemy. It has gathered and assembled knowledge from genetics, neuroscience, metaphysics, and so on to create an effective solution to a range of problems that all arise from an idle brain.

Since the creator thinks that there is potential to be explored in every brain, Neural Excellence brain health program is designed for everyone whether or not you think there is something wrong with your brain or cognitive functions. I’m not saying anything yet, but you will get a better sense of that statement and the whole program as you read along the review.   

Neural Excellence benefits and key factors

Aren’t you curious to learn what these sound waves can do to your brain? Apparently, they can do quite a bit. Let’s talk about some of the claimed and proven benefits of the Neural Excellence program here.

  • Cognitive enhancement: The program primarily focuses on improving your brain functions including focus, memory, and response. The sound waves stimulate areas in the brain associated with these functions, letting them reach their maximum potential. You will be able to concentrate on things better than before, retain the information you have acquired through listening, reading, watching, and hearing, and develop a faster reflex with quick thinking.  
  • Supports creative skills: Along with analytical skills, the Neural Excellence cognitive enhancing program supports the enhancement of creative skills as well. It will rewire your brain to see things from a different perspective, which in turn will give birth to innovative ideas that could solve problems most creatively and would be helpful in the field you are working in.  
  • Better mental health: Besides improving your skills, the program also contributes to improved mental health by relieving anxiety and stress. You will find yourself more relaxed than ever before even with countless things in your mind. If listened to regularly, the sound waves will lower your cortisol levels, which in turn will resolve issues like lack of sleep, an out-of-balance immune system, and everything else that stems from those two. 
  • Increased confidence levels: As you develop your skills in different areas and improve your mental health state, it will automatically reflect on your confidence levels. The Neural Excellence online program also promotes decision-making skills and more importantly, your emotional intelligence which will turn out to be a vital part of your personality in forging relationships. 

This is merely a brief summary of the benefits offered. If you would like to learn more about it, you can visit their website or read more Neural Excellence reviews from different sources. 

Click Here To Get Access To Neural Excellence Official Website

How to use Neural Excellence?

The Neural Excellence is one of the simplest brain stimulation programs out there to practice. It involves no complications like following an exercise routine, taking supplements, or even meditating. Rather, the only thing it demands you do is to listen to the sound waves regularly for a certain period as per the manufacturer’s instructions. What’s most important is that you be consistent with the program throughout the entirety of the course as recommended.  

How does Neural Excellence work?

As I mentioned before, Neural Excellence works around the concept of “DNA Activation”. Have you got any idea what that is? I mean, it is not that difficult to assume that it has something to do with DNA and genes. But is that really possible? According to the working mechanism of Neural excellence brain support program, apparently, it is. 

The sound waves used in the program belong to a certain frequency. Listening to it on a daily basis will have a direct impact on your brain chemistry, rewiring your neural pathways at a genetic level. The neural pathways along with the hormones produced by the pituitary gland are what control cognitive functions and a change in those will be reflected in the latter more than one would imagine.

As per the Neural Excellence customer reviews and the data I collected directly from my patients, the sound waves work to improve their cognitive functions like focus and memory, enhance their creativity, and better their mental health. For many of them, it gave them success in different areas of life through improved confidence, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence, which led them to unimaginable wealth.  

The good news is the program doesn’t require any specific tools but any electronic device with which you can access the program online and listen to the audio. The sound waves are programmed based on results from research that studied the effect of these waves on genetic expression. Now, does it have any side effects?  

Neural Excellence side effects

Neural Excellence is a few minutes of audio recording of sound waves of a certain frequency. What’s the worst it could do? Isn’t that what you are thinking? Well, you are almost right. There are no reported Neural Excellence side effects from the customers’ side even after following the program for around a month.

I spoke with some of my patients who have been the practitioners of the program for a while and I couldn’t collect any more data regarding its potential side effects. However, since the waves directly influence your brain, some of you might experience nausea or headaches in the first few days. But that is totally normal unless the situation persists and it is safe to follow the program for as long as you need. 

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Neural Excellence customer reviews

I’ll be honest here, I did struggle a little searching for Neural Excellence reviews online. The program is fairly recent and not a lot of people are fully aware of its existence. However, the reviews I did find were worth the struggle. There were detailed testimonials describing individual experiences that I found useful in completing my research.   

“Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined myself being the owner of a mansion and expensive cars. I know it would be hard to digest when I say all this because of a few minutes of sound waves I listened to every day for a month. I only have one thing to tell you if you are a skeptic. Experience it for yourself, and you will be a greater believer in the program than I.” Lily. C.

“As ridiculous as it sounds, I’m ready to admit that it was this sound wave program that saved my life. Not that I was going to kill myself or anything, but my life was going downhill, and that too pretty fast, until I started with this program. Now, I’m promoted at work, have no debts, and even bought a new apartment. The ways life surprises you, right?”Andy Ferguson

“The thing is, I did experience some improvements in my anxiety levels in the beginning when I started following the program. But unfortunately, that was it. The program didn’t have any impact on any other areas of my life that I wished had got better. Perhaps it wasn’t meant for me. Either way, I have decided to claim my refund before the window closes.”Betty Porter

Neural Excellence bonuses and money-back guarantee

Three free digital Neural Excellence bonuses come with every purchase, and I have listed them here for reference. 

  • The Real Science of Getting Rich: The book talks about the science of getting rich. It is as interesting as the title and will give you a new perspective on things that could be helpful in your journey to wealth.  
  • FLEXmind Formula: This ebook preps you to have the mentality of a millionaire, and teaches you how to overcome obstacles created by your mind. It also has tips and tricks to relieve stress and achieve a state of peace and calmness. 
  • Attract Your First $1,000,000 Within 90 Days: This is your guide to beginning your journey to become a millionaire. It contains secrets that could help you amass wealth with the least effort only using your brain. 

The money-back policy of Neural Excellence features a 180-day window for returning the product with a 100% refund. This lets you follow the program practically for free for a period of about six months as you will get your entire amount back if it didn’t work for you. 

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Pros and cons of Neural Excellence

We already know there isn’t much to worry about concerning the Neural Excellence side effects. But does it have any other kind of drawback we need to be cautious about? Also, what about its pros? Is there more?


  • The program can be accessed from any electronic device including smartphones, tablets, and laptop
  • It can easily be integrated into your daily routine
  • It is accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Money-back guarantee of 180 days
  • Available at a reasonable price and with free bonuses


  • It could cause mild side effects like nausea and headache
  • The results could vary depending on the individual

Neural Excellence price and availability

The program can only be purchased from the Neural Excellence official website but anywhere else. I know that’s not what you expected considering the creators mean to provide easy access to it for people from all backgrounds.

Although they haven’t followed that principle in terms of the availability of the program, you can see it at the price they are selling it. It is available for a mere 37 USD, making it affordable for everyone. The exclusivity in availability might be meant to cut out the middlemen but let us hope they will expand the sale to more popular platforms in the future. 

Click Here To Order Neural Excellence From The Official Website

Neural Excellence Reviews: Final verdict and recommendations

I hope this Neural Excellence review was able to provide you with enough information regarding the program and was helpful in deciding whether or not to purchase it. Do you remember everything we have discussed yet? I know the review was a little long and you might not remember every point you have read. But those points could be vital in making a purchase decision. So, let’s do a revision.

Neural Excellence is a program designed for brain stimulation based on DNA Activation. It uses sound waves of a certain frequency to rewire your brain and neural pathways that decide everything regarding your brain and its functions. The Neural Excellence works on a genetic level to enhance your cognitive and creative skills while improving your mental health. You will be able to remember things without stressing and enjoy solving problems in innovative ways. It will also boost your confidence, emotional intelligence, decision-making skills, and things that will help you advance in your career and build a successful life.

Being a digital program, it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. You won’t need anything apart from that one device to listen to the sound waves every day for a limited period. It is easy to use and even easier to make a part of your routine. The Neural Excellence program comes with a 180-day refund policy and offers three additional bonuses that are supposed to help you get wealthy in the easiest way possible. To be honest, I’m considering buying it for myself. What are your thoughts about it? 

Click Here to Try Neural Excellence 100% Risk-Free with Our 180 Day Guarantee


1. Do the sound waves hurt my ears?

No, they won’t. The sound waves aren’t as loud as you might have imagined it would be, and they certainly don’t hurt your ears or any other organ.

2. Does the audio interrupt my sleep?

The audio is soothing and could not possibly interrupt anything. If you are still not sure, listen to it during the day at a time you find convenient rather than listening to it at night.

3. Is it safe for people who are taking antidepressants?

The sound waves improve mental health and effectively deal with anxiety and stress. It wouldn’t interact with the medications you take to treat mental health issues but rather complement it.

4. Will it have any impact on my ten-year-old’s brain if listened to occasionally?

Although the possibility of a harmful impact is extremely low, I wouldn’t recommend it. At that age, a person’s brain is still developing and since the waves directly influence the brain chemistry, it’s better if you don’t expose your child to it.

5. How often should I listen to it if I want enhanced results?

Once a day is enough to get proper results in a month or two, and it is fine if you choose to listen to it twice a day. More than that is not recommended, and remember, caution is as important as consistency.  


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