When Baby Just Doesn’t Want to Come Out

We all know someone who went past their due date because the baby just didn’t seem to want to make an appearance. If you’re overdue then you’ve likely already been advised of the date where you’ll be medically induced should baby not want to come out by then, but this doesn’t mean that you have to take it lying down! There are natural ways that have been shown to be effective and safe in helping labor along when you’re overdue.

Three Old Tried and True Tricks

Here are a few simple and safe ways that you can try to naturally induce labor at home. Who know—maybe one will work for you!

Spicy Foods: the only risk involved with this one is ending up with some indigestion if you’re not accustomed to spicy food. Eating spicy foods to induce labor is a method that has been used for years. Some women swear by it while other’s scoff it off as an old wives tale. But if you’re sick and tired of being pregnant and just want it out already, then it may be worth a go. At the very least you have a great excuse to go out to dinner.

Sex, Sex and More Sex: You’d think that this one would be everyone’s preferred method to naturally induce labor, but when you’re overdue and feeling like you’re ready to burst at the seams, you may have a lower sex drive-if any at all.  If you can forget blaming your partner for getting you in that mess in the first place, then having some sex could induce labor in a way that can be pleasurable for both of you—even if you don’t quite see it that way at first. Sex helps to dilate the cervix and semen has a “ripening” effect on the cervix, so this really could prove the best way to induce labor.

Nipple Stimulation: This is one method that has been recommended by midwives for centuries and one that many women swear by. Stimulating the nipples is said to release a natural form of the chemical pitocin which is known to cause contractions. So, once again you can enlist the help of your partner who will surely be pleased to oblige, or simply do it yourself using your hands, a massager or even a breast pump.


It should go without saying but these methods are recommended for women who are past their due date. Also, any discomfort or distress needs to be reported to a doctor right away.

There are other methods that you may have heard of to naturally induce labor such as the use of castor oil. While castor oil is all natural, it can cause diarrhea which could lead to pain, discomfort and even dehydration.

Talk to your doctor or midwife before trying any of these methods.

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