Home remedies for head lice

The best way to remove lice if you don’t want to use chemicals on your child’s head is by following a technique called wet combing. Wet combing involves using a comb to remove the lice and is a process that should be repeated for several days if you want good results. Some even suggest combing your hair daily for several hours. But this may be too time-consuming and a lot of effort for some parents.

Other natural home remedies to treat lice involve rubbing your child’s scalp and hair with mayonnaise, olive oil, margarine, or Vaseline. This thick and heavy grease is left on overnight and washed out the next morning. Some believe that this technique will smother the lice, kill and remove them when you wash the hair the next morning. But experts say it will most likely not kill them.

Among other home remedies, tea tree oils and aromatherapy is believed to get rid of the head lice from your child’s hair. But again, there is no evidence to show that these remedies work. Experts also suggest that you speak to your local drug store pharmacist to get more information about other head lice treatments available. If you are worried about head lice treatments that contain chemicals such as insecticides, speak to your pharmacist and he or she will guide you to choose a product that you will feel most comfortable using.

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