Miracle Treatment

The Aesthera Corporation has come up with a new laser technology to treat acne, rosacea, and age spots. If that doesn’t sound miraculous enough, the treatment has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, Isolaz is the only FDA-approved system for the treatment of comedonal and pustular acne. The treatment also works for mild to moderate inflammatory acne as well as acne vulgaris. In addition, Isolaz clears your pores and keeps them clear for the long-term.

A recent study on Isolaz demonstrated that in addition to reducing acne, 64% of acne patients had at least a 75% reduction in acne lesions after treatment with Isolaz. Four treatments brought about an 88% reduction in papular, pustular, comedonal, and nodular acne, though Isolaz was not effective for cystic acne.

Vacuum Suction

Isolaz combines laser and vacuum suction to clear the pores of your skin. This is called photopneumatic technology. Pneumatic energy is used to loosen, break up and remove dirt from inside the pores, and then laser light decimates any acne-causing bacteria left behind. Pimples are gone within a 24-48 hour period after treatment with Isolaz. The treatment works on patients who have failed to respond to traditional therapies including medications and other types of lasers.

Users find they have a significant reduction in the number of breakouts, and when these do occur, they tend to be farther apart and milder in nature. The amount of oil produced by the skin is reduced after treatment and any residual redness from acne clears quite fast.

Four Treatments

A series of four treatments produces clear skin with improved texture and tone, along with a reduction in pore size. No side effects have been reported with the treatment and sessions take only 10 minutes without any need for anesthesia.

Isolaz has also been approved to treat vascular and pigmented lesions and for permanent hair reduction. The treatment is effective in repairing sun-damaged skin, can remove brown age spots, and even clear up broken capillaries caused by rosacea.

Not yet impressed? Isolaz treatment appears to be a painless treatment, too. If you’re a skeptic, the question is already on the tip of your tongue: so what’s the downside?

Start Saving

As you might have guessed, the treatment is very pricey. Each treatment runs anywhere from between $200-$600, and most people need around 4 treatments. That means you’ll end up shelling out somewhere between $1600 and $3000. Start saving.

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