Menopause, Beautiful Menopause

Many women see menopause as a time to mourn. While they are done having children (in most cases) it is still sad to have the end of this period in their lives arrive. However, menopause truly does have a number of benefits, and these benefits should be recognized and celebrated. If more women were to see menopause as an exciting new stage in their lives, it could certainly transform how they individually view this chapter in their lives, and could transform the collective sense that people have about this natural phenomena.

Be Creative!

Many women see this as a great period in their lives when they can be more creative. They aren’t burdened with small, needy children anymore, and they don’t have to worry about what will happen at the end of the month. They don’t have to plan trips around their period and worry about swimming, hiking, and more activities that involve water and exertion. This is very liberating and creates a feeling of freedom and creativity.


Menopause can signal a new feeling of freedom. Certainly, it is a relief, after so many years of having your period, to be free from this burden. You know you can throw away the tampons and enjoy this period in your life. You won’t have to worry about feeling terrible during PMS, you won’t have migraine cramps and you won’t have to worry about constantly changing your tampon or pad. You also won’t have to worry about getting pregnant, and can stop using the birth control that you’ve needed for so long. However, you’ll certainly still want to be careful about STDs.

Enjoyment of the Body

Many women feel more in control of their bodies and more in tune with themselves when they aren’t constantly worrying about getting their period. They don’t have to live by this cycle anymore and can enjoy their bodies in a new, liberating way. In addition, this change represents a new beginning. It signals a passage into a period in the woman’s life that is more focused on her and her needs. Menopause helps women to wake up to themselves, to refocus on their desires and their goals, and to enjoy this time in their lives.

Meeting Other Women

Menopause is a great excuse to meet others like you. You can join menopause chat groups and email lists where women discuss the issues associated with menopause and the advantages of this stage. There are support groups where you can meet for coffee with other women to enjoy each other’s company and support. Menopause is a great excuse to bond and to get to know others – take advantage of this opportunity and you’ll be surprised about what rewards it might bring!

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