Easy Make-Up Steps To Great Eyes

People say that your eyes are the window to the soul.  If this is true, then it’s important to make your eyes look as appealing as possible to accentuate the beautiful soul that you possess.  Here are some easy suggestions for accentuating your eyes and creating a great look – whether you’ve got only five minutes each morning or an hour before a great event.

Hide It With Concealer

Concealer is the best invention for hiding your exhaustion and your age.  Use concealer under the eyes to hide circles.  Put three dots of concealer under each eye.  Start at the inner circle of the eye and then move under the pupil and over to the outer edge of the eye.  Pat, but don’t rub with your ring finger until the concealer has blended with your skin.

Get a Good Base

Now, apply eye base to the top of your lid.  This is a great secret weapon against having eye shadow bunch up in the creases of your eyes.  By applying an eye base all over your eyelids, your eyeliner will remain smooth and even throughout the day.

Shadow It

Now that your base is ready, apply your eye shadow.  For work or for casual wear, enjoy one light color that you use from the bottom of your eye lids all the way to your brows.  For nighttime wear and for fancier occasions, try a three-toned shadow that has three colors that are progressively darker.  Start with the light color on your entire lid and up to your brow.  Then, add the medium color across just the lid and the darker color in the crease.  This will create a dramatic look that’s perfect for evening wear.

Enjoy the Eyes

Eyeliner is an important way to accentuate your eyes, but don’t overdo it.  Use an eyeliner, or eye shadow with a brush.  Create a subtle line as close to the upper lashes as possible, working from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner.  Then, use the liner on the bottom eyes, but only start in the middle of each eye and work out.  Smudge the lower line with a Q-tip or with your finger for a gentle look.

Great Extra Brightness

For evening wear, or for extra emphasis, use a shiny gold or pink eye shadow or highlighter and put this just on the inner part of each eye from top to bottom.  Blend it in.  This will make your eyes look brighter and as if they are popping and standing out.

Remember the Brows

Many women don’t realize how sexy and lovely their eyebrows are.  It’s important to know how to keep your eyebrows trimmed well, or to spend the time and money to have someone wax them for you.  To highlight this terrific feature, take some of the highlighter and put it on your brow bone from the middle to the outside.  Blend this with your finger.  If you have very unruly brows, you can also use a brow brush to tame them and to create a refined look.

Finish With Mascara

For the finishing touch, find mascara that is either dark brown or black and that will not clump.  Place the wand of the mascara brush on the bottom lashes and wiggle it back and forth.  For lighter days, this may be enough. For evening wear, apply the mascara to your top lashes as well.

Have fun creating a dazzling look with your eyes. There are no wrong answers when applying make-up and everything is learned through trial and error.  So, have fun trying and achieve that look you’ve always wanted with your eyes.

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