Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

There are many creative ways on the market today to try to stop smoking. Some of these ideas cost money, while others just require will power. One very interesting idea is hypnosis. This program requires no drugs or patches, and is said to be quite effective.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that creates relaxation and hyper-suggestibility in the recipient. It is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years for many reasons. It can help to build up someone’s confidence, to change habits, to lose weight, to give birth naturally, and for many other issues. According to the World Health Organization, over 90% of the population can be receptive to hypnosis. The idea behind hypnosis is to the put the mind into a relaxed state, allowing it to be open to suggestions.

Hypnosis – Self and Guided

There are two ways to use hypnosis as a tool to help to quit smoking. You can go to a professional who will actually do hypnosis on you or you can learn self-hypnosis that you will do for yourself. There are many ways to approach this idea – you can read about hypnosis on the internet or through books and practice the techniques that they offer on your own. You can ask someone to recite many of the mantras to you as you sit in a relaxed state. Or, you can pay someone to teach you many of these techniques, either so that they can hypnotize you or teach you how to hypnotize yourself.

How Does Hypnosis Work with Smoking?

Once a person has been put into a relaxed, hypnotic state, either by a professional or by themselves, they are receptive to messages that can be sent to their subconscious. These suggestions have to be built up through repetition in order to be truly effective. Most of our habits, such as our desire to smoke, are deeply planted in our subconscious. In order to change these messages and to make a mental change, we need to have new ideas brought in over time. There are hypnosis tapes that you can by to stop smoking, and you are encouraged to listen to these over and over again. There is no way to predict how long it will take to change or to stop smoking through hypnosis. It depends, in part, on your commitment and your motivation.

Success with Hypnosis

Professionals who do hypnosis and those who have gone through a hypnosis process explain that there are three key elements to success. These are self motivation, repetition and believable suggestions. The person listening to the hypnosis has to believe that change is possible, and has to be willing to think about quitting smoking. They need to be participating in the process because they want to – not because their spouse or doctor wants them to. They need to participate in the hypnosis often and hear it repetitively. Finally, they have to hear believable suggestions as part of the process.

Those who use hypnosis say that there are virtually no risks involved in its use. It is certainly one idea to consider when thinking about quitting smoking – and one that is non-invasive, interesting, effective and risk-free.

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